Hurricane Dorian Creates Destruction


via. Wikimedia

Hurricane Dorian has swept across the land creating massive amounts of destruction

Hurricanes are powerful tropical storms that contain strong winds, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms. In a hurricane, there are three main components an eye, eyewall, and rain bands. The eye is the center of the hurricane. It has light winds and a possibility of clear skies, this is the safest part of the tempest. The eyewall is the storm that surrounds the eye, and rain bands are rain clouds that stretch out hundreds of miles. 

Hurricanes form in the ocean by intaking warm waters (78 F) and wind. There are different categories for every hurricane. They range from Category 1 (Weakest) to Category 5 (Strongest). They tear apart ecosystems and cities. Many of the storms do a lot of damage and usually it cost an enormous amount of money to pay for repairs after the storm hits. The most recent hurricane that has occurred was on September 1st. It was a category five hurricane that made landfall in the Great Abaco, an island in the Bahamas. Wind speeds of 185mph ripped through the country tearing down everything that was in its path. 

Every few years, a storm hits the Bahamas. Usually, the damage of each storm is destructive. However, Hurricane Dorian had changed everything. It is so far the most powerful tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas and is the worst natural disaster in its history of past events in the area. The amount of destruction that it has done will cost around $25 billion. Major flooding also took place when the hurricane was active. There was up to 15 inches of water which made vehicles unuseable and tore down homes.  

When Hurricane Dorian finally passed, the aftermath was devastating. A total of 51 people died and over 1300 had gone missing. The whole place was covered in rubble and sea water. Toys, furniture, splintered wood all around, and trees made it even harder for rescuers to search for missing people. Police officers and medical assistants had to go through all the debris, trying to search under all of it for the bodies of missing people. They say that the smell of it was unbearable because that was the only scent that filled up the air. Not only that, but the people who have yet to receive aid by the government are walking through the damage trying to find transportation as well as their loved ones. Sadly, most of the missing have not been found and are assumed dead.