Colorguard at Kraemer Middle School

The Kraemer colorguard's group photo after performing together at the Placentia Heritage Parade

Adrian V.

The Kraemer colorguard's group photo after performing together at the Placentia Heritage Parade

Kraemer Middle School has many interesting teams and clubs that students have the opportunity to join. Multiple clubs include some kind of variation of dancing. One, in particular, is Colorguard. Colorguard at Kraemer is a competitive team. They have competed in Colorguard competitions for 14 years in a row. They hope to make it that far again this upcoming year. 


Colorguard is a fun activity in which to participate.  Although it is competitive, the coaches make the time spent practicing worth the work. There are four coaches for Colorguard: Estephanie, Mia, Tony, and Martin. They devote a great deal of their time to the team. In addition to using flags, Colorguard dances, spins rifles and marches as the banner during parades. The members that march as the banner are the ones that hold the letters spelling Kraemer. They march in front of the flags and the band. Estephanie is the main coach and does everything but mostly teaches the flags. Mia mainly helps with the dance, flag, and banner portion. Martin and Tony primarily teach the rifles. All these parts are vital for a good Colorguard team. Along with Estephanie and the co-coaches, there are a few high schoolers who donate their time to help out. The main two high schoolers are Ariel and Keith. They help with whatever Estephanie needs. Usually, they do rifles when Martin can not make it to the practice. Without these two, the Colorguard team would not run as smoothly as it does. 


The Colorguard team practices two times a week after school. The Colorguard practices happen on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45 – 6 pm. The team practices outside on the blacktop because they have such a large team. On Tuesday and Thursday, they practice during P.R.I.D.E. Colorguard is a big commitment because they also practice over the summer break. Although it is a big commitment it is fun. 


The Colorguard team has many performances throughout the year. Some of them include Kraemer assemblies. They also perform in the Heritage Parade on October 11th  that marches down Kraemer Boulevard. In this parade, the Colorguard marches with the Kraemer Band and Dance Team. Other schools also participate in this parade. After the parade is over they begin to practice for Winter Guard which is a Colorguard competition. Kraemer has done well in the past. Last year they won the finals. No matter where the performance is the Colorguard team puts a great deal of time into it.