Best Vacation Places For Teens


Kathleen S.

Amazing Cruise at Cozmul. Lots of amazing things to do there

Florida, Chicago, Hawaii, and cruises are only a few of the best places for a teenager to get out of their little bubble and into the world. These places are the best vacation places for a teen to go with their friends and/or families. All of the four places has breath-taking sight-seeing venues, delicious food, amusement parks, water parks, and so much more. 

One of the best places for a teenager to snap back into reality is Orlando, Florida. Orlando is filled with amazing water parks, theme parks, cheap eats and amazing hotels. One of the best and most well-known theme parks in Orlando is Walt Disney World because of all the different themed rides, that are not found anywhere else. Another one of the more well-known theme parks is the Orlando Universal Studios because of the different worlds, like the Harry Potter World and the Horror Worlds with the terrifying mazes. There are also a ton of amazing water parks in Orlando that make summer so much cooler. One of the best water parks is the Orlando Watersports Complex because people of all ages, young, old, and in-between, can have a blast at this water park. There are a lot more water parks and theme parks that make Orlando make a teen get off their phones and have fun without electronics.

Another one of the best places for a teen getaway is Chicago, Illinois because of their cheap food, hotels, and the amazing sight-seeing venues. When vacationing in Chicago, one of the best places for a tourist is going to the Skydeck ledge and trying to look down without getting scared. In Chicago, the infamous hotdogs and deep-dish pizzas are affordable and perfect for any age. There are so many places to get these delicious foods, but the most famous place to get them is Pequod’s Pizza and Portillo’s Hot Dogs. Six Flags grabs the attention of anyone who loves exhilarating, crazy rides that will make people’s hearts drop. It can also help parents by giving them a day off of moody teenagers. There are so many more reasons why Chicago is one of the best places for teenagers, but these are the best ones. 

The next place that is best for a teenagers’ getaway is the Royal Caribbean Ships because of the water slides, movies, food, and the overall relaxation with friends. On the cruise, everyone can have an amazing time staying up late, eating snacks, getting lost on board, and a lot more. The cruise is fitted with a children’s play area, a teenager area, an enormous pool, luxurious rooms, and everything that anyone would need to live on the cruise for a week or longer. Teenagers are able to walk around and explore the whole ship without an adult because of the security in all areas. On the cruise, everyone lives in their bathing suit because people could take an unexpected dip in the pool. There is so much more to the cruise, but these reasons are the ones that are most worthy of talking about.

The last place that is the best for a teenagers’ getaway is anywhere in Hawaii. Everyone of all ages love visiting Hawaii and all of its different islands because of the delicious food, the marvelous beaches, the exciting sightseeing places, and so much more. When visiting any island in Hawaii, the number one food that everyone has to try is Spam, Hawaii’s most famous food. During a Luau, which everyone has to attend once in their lives, it has all kinds of special foods that are important to Hawaii’s culture. Another reason teens love Hawaii is because of all the beaches that are perfect for swimming, laying out in the sun, building sandcastles, and more. In Hawaii, one of the rarest beaches resides, a black-sand beach named Punalu’u Beach. There is so much more to Hawaii that makes it a teens’ paradise, but these are the ones most worth mentioning.

There are a lot more places that are perfect for a teenagers’ getaway, but these are the best ones. Florida because of its amazing amusement parks, Chicago because of its beautiful sight-seeing venues, the Caribbean Cruise because of the best relaxation, and Hawaii because of the delicious food.