New Staff at Kraemer


R. Castro

KMS staff in front of the school’s library looking fabulous

A fresh new year starts at Kraemer with new staff and different seventh graders. Every year, new kids are coming to school, but this year there is a lot of new Kraemer staff. There are many teachers, as well as a new principal. 

To start us off with this fresh year, we have a new principal, Mr.Young. Mr.Young has been a teacher for a long time, so he is very experienced with his work. Mr.Young believes that this year our key goal is not only to succeed in grades and get into a good high school but also learning how to cooperate as a team. He believes that teamwork is the biggest part of success if you are always focused and engaged. 

Another one of our new Kraemer teachers is Mrs.Toxqui. Mrs.Toxqui is the 8th-grade GATE, AVID, and social studies teacher. Her main goal for her students is to get her students ready for high school and to succeed without any struggles in high school. Mrs.Toxqui is a happily married mother and loves her dog as much as anyone. Her teaching style is pure fun but serious. She thinks that everyone should joke around and mess around when it is allowed, but take work and matters seriously when needed. 

Another new teacher that wants to make a new, good start at Kraemer is Ms.Wheeler. She is the P.E teacher who looks forward to making everyone fit and healthy, so they will have no concerns about their health in the future. Ms.Wheeler makes her class an extremely easy A, as she knows there is a lot of work in other classes. She just expects people to do everything as asked on time and properly. Currently, Ms.Wheeler has decided to teach aquatics for the first P.E cycle. She is here to make everyone have fun and be healthy. 

Our last new teacher on this list is Mr.Norfleet. Mr.Norfleet is the 7th-grade GATE science teacher and also teaches science olympiad.  Mr.Norfleet is exploring Kraemer Middle School and getting help from teachers such as Mrs.Winn to learn about all the curriculum and get all the kids ready for 8th grade and highschool.

There are many more new teachers, but sadly too many new teachers to get on this list. Overall, there is many new loving staff that will make Kraemer a better year.