Cristiano Ronaldo Plays Spectacularly For Juventus Soccer Team


via Wikimedia

Ronaldo playing for Juentus showing off all of his skill.

Christiano Ronaldo is known around the world, for his talent in soccer. Ronaldo played for a team known as Réal Madrid for 10 years, but without warning,  he made the abrupt decision of moving to a team named Juventus. Fans all over the world are wondered why Ronaldo changed teams. 

The biggest question many fans have is, why did Ronaldo switch teams? One of the reasons is that Ronaldo needed more money. He demanded more money from Réal Madrid to pay the 21 million dollar fine given to him by the Spanish Tax Authorities. The fine was assessed because he was accused of tax fraud in a Madrid court. The team’s president did not give in. Juventus, on the other hand, offered Ronaldo 39 million dollars if he agreed to play for them. Ronaldo easily agreed to the increased salary. When Lionel Messi, a skilled rival of Ronaldo’s heard about his change of teams, he was very surprised and started spreading the news to his Barcelona teammates. News spread quickly after that. 


The other reason why Ronaldo switched teams was inspired on the date of April 3, 2018. The game was Réal Madrid versus Juventus, and this was when Ronaldo was still on Réal Madrid. Ronaldo had managed to score an incredible bicycle kick goal against Juventus. He waited for the Juventus Stadium to boo him after the goal, but something truly amazing happened. Impressed by the sheer skill of the goal, the entire Juventus stadium gave Ronaldo a standing ovation. Ronaldo thought what the stadium had done for him was very meaningful and quotes, “I’m very happy and also very touched since I’ve loved the club since I was little.” 


Many fans are also curious about how Ronaldo is holding up over at Juventus. Many soccer reporters thought that Ronaldo would not be much of a help to the Juventus team, but Ronaldo has beaten the odds yet again. Just recently, the Portuguese forward carried the Juventus soccer team to 4-3 nail-biting win against Napoli. He has already scored 28 goals and has made 23 assists. He has also carried Juventus to 2nd place in the Series A Division of Major League Soccer. The Juventus fans absolutely adore the player and his fellow teammates respect him. Overall, Ronaldo has played very well for the Juventus soccer club so far and all Ronaldo followers are looking forward to a great season this year. Opposing teams better watch out for Juventus, they have an extremely strong weapon their side: Christiano Ronaldo.