Foreign Chinese Street foods


Gavin A

Nori-maki is literally the best no lie!! A delicious asian snack.

When people think of typical snacks, they probably think of potato chips, trail mix, chips, or sweets. In China, that is a different story. Most snacks in China are street food that is sold in a plastic bag and is served warm by street vendors. 

One of the most popular snacks in China is roast sweet potatoes which are everywhere in the country in China except for the gigantic city. Roasted sweet potatoes are made during the cold winter season because of the immense heat that is produced from the way that the potato is cooked. The roasted sweet potatoes are made with a dash of natural sweeteners that vary between each person who makes this dish.

Another street food that is famous in China is Stinky Tofu. This snack is also a street food that is not only tofu but very stinky when smelled. Stinky Tofu was first originated many years ago by a monk with the name of Zhu Yuanzhang who had got some old tofu from someone’s home and stuffed it into his mouth. After tasting the miraculous old tofu, the age of Stinky Tofu began. Stinky Tofu is fermented with the proteins decomposing into the tofu.

One item that not only in China is popular is also popular at amusement parks and theme lands in America are cotton candy. The typical cotton candy in America is the fluffy swirling type, and in China, cotton candy is taken into the next level. Many culinary chefs are experienced in making a flower or different shapes or patterns. Cotton candy is sugar that has been spun and heated up to create the cotton or cloud look. 

Sugar-coated snack is a treat that not many people around the world know originated from China. It is sugar-coated haws, red fruit from the hawthorn, with fruits sugar-coated syrup drying up giving the skewer a   fruit on it an extra sweet taste.

China has been known for centuries as the birthplace of noodles, especially hot and sour noodles. Hot and sour noodles have a tangy and spicy taste which is apart of Chinese Cuisine. Hot and sour noodles have become so popular that in America, there are some restaurants that serve authentic quality homemade broth and noodles. Also, companies have observed that a lot of Americans and Asian-Americans enjoy the noodle soup which gave a perfect business opportunity for many companies to make money.  

A steam bun by the name of Xiaolongbao is a Chinese bun that is small with pork, chicken and sometimes cured ham inside of them. Xiaolongbao is certainly the most popular of steamed dumplings, but are difficult and time consuming to make. This dumpling is small and compact to carry in large quantities during the winter.

Chinese street foods and snacks are always around the corner in China to buy and try with the different tastes of each person’s recipe.