2019 Memorial Tourney

From May 30 to June 2, many professional golfers around the world will meet in Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin, for the 44th Memorial Golf Tournament. The prize pool is $9.1 million and the competition is as heated as ever before. Just like the standard 18-hole, everyone is playing the course at a par of 72 with the full length of about 7,400 yards. The tournament will begin early in the morning and many are hoping for a better start than usual. Many are excited that a non-major is able to bring so much energy and excitement to the viewers’ attention and how many of their favorite golfers are able to be seen in this annual tournament.

From advanced computer simulation using big data, SportsLine was able to figure out the top 10 best golfers out of the chosen golfers. The simulation was tested 10,000 times for accuracy, but, surprisingly, Tiger Woods didn’t make it in the top 10. Data suggests that Woods hasn’t been doing as excellently as he had with his major victory in the 2012 Memorial Tournament. SportsLine statistics suggests that Woods won’t achieve his sixth Memorial Tourney , but it suggests that Bryson DeChambeau has a high likelihood of winning the tournament. The 25-year-old golfer is ranked number eight according to SportsLine’s model because of his victory last year against An Byeong-han and Kyle Stanley.

Viewer opinions are also important in the ranking of golfers. DeChambeau is ranked number nine in the citizens’ opinion, while Tiger Woods is ranked number five. Woods is ranked lower than usual because of his last Memorial Tournament. DeChambeau is a questionable pick on whether to rank highly or lowly because of his wild plays and mistakes in his golf career. The audience suggests that Rory McIlroy will be winning all the brackets, considering Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson is nowhere in sight for the Memorial Tournament. McIlroy’s top position during the PGA Championship allowed him to be more successful and many fans think he is the most favorable in winning the coming tournament. Golfer Alex Noren also noted McIlroy’s previous success by saying, “That’s the best round I’ve ever seen. I’m about to quit golf, I think,” after McIlroy’s amazing round at the BMW PGA Championship.

Jack Nicklaus’s Memorial Tournament brings joy to fans and helps many enjoy new championships. Many professional golfers are able to enjoy a new competition and the Memorial Tournament is just as popular as it ever was.