Review on the Town Center in Yorba Linda


via Anya Desai

The Yorba Linda Town Center

For years, as people drove through Yorba Linda, there was never a thriving place for nutritious food, groceries, or a hangout spot. This new high-end town center is pedestrian-friendly and used for entertainment, shopping, and eat-out purposes. The total area for this new shopping center is about 125,000 square feet. However, what makes it so popular and what lead its growth from its recent opening.

Some say the anchor to the new town center is Bristol Farms, a shopping grocery store that includes a stand were they buy meals by their weight. The outsides visual appearance is simple yet unique and modern. Around the border lays plants of all kinds stacked against one another for sale used as decor. As the doors open, customers see a large range of fresh fruits, beautiful flowers, groceries, a small ice cream shop, a deli, and so much more. Often times, people would travel a far distance to purchase the cookies served hot. In the first few weeks of Bristol Farms opening, cookies were sold two for three dollars. This hooked customers in so when that deal went away, no one could resist the strong temptation of the warm dessert.

Along with Bristol Farms, the Town Center has a wide variety of restaurants, dessert shops, or burger joints. One of the more recent openings is Creamistry, an ice cream shop that is made with cold nitrogen right in front of them. Customers can create their own shakes and combination as they test out each flavor.

Blaze Pizza is another addition to the Town Center. There, they serve pizza baked fresh in a large oven made of cement and brick. Each pizza is made especially for the customer’s needs or topped with desired fresh vegetables, meats, and sauces.

Before the Town centers opening, a Cafe Rio was not located anywhere near Yorba Linda. Now, residents of Yorba Linda can travel a short distance to have this delicious food. They specifically serve Mexican food. Their famous sweet pork satisfies any hunger as it is surrounded by other fresh and sweet flavors. The drinks and desserts add to the unique menu at Cafe Rio. Some of their fountain drinks include several lemonades, horchata, and the usual soda pop flavors. Key lime pie and dulce leche can be purchased at the cashier topped with thick whipped cream.

If one is ever in town or passing through Yorba Linda, they must stop visit this new Town Center where friends can meet up and hang out.