Malaysia Returning Plastic Waste to Foreign Countries

Malaysia is returning plastic waste from foreign countries back to their origin.

via Pixabay

Malaysia is returning plastic waste from foreign countries back to their origin.

Much of the world’s overall plastic waste has nowhere to go, as landfills are filling up and people are trying to prevent ocean pollution.  With nowhere to put their plastic waste, Americans and Europeans are starting to ship their waste to Malaysia. This way they are able to get rid of their plastic waste that they would have no use for, but sending all of their plastic waste has a huge negative as they are essentially turning Malaysia into another junkyard. The people of Malaysia are being affected by trash pollution. In an attempt to prevent themselves from becoming a dumping ground for the entire world, Malaysia is sending back all of the plastic trash that is being sent to them from all around the world.

There were nine shipping containers that have been discovered in Port Klang. These nine containers were filled with non-recyclable plastic waste that would consist of household and e-waste. These plastic wastes will greatly affect the people and the animals surrounding the area, as it can destroy the possibility for plants to grow. Malaysia is already starting to ship back containers of plastic waste back to their original countries. The people of Malaysia don’t want their country to become a dump for all of the world’s unneeded plastic waste so they have started shipping the plastic waste. Malaysia has already shipped back 5 containers of plastic waste to Spain, who had originally shipped the plastic waste to them.

This problem of plastic pollution has gotten very intense, and people from Malaysia are trying everything they can to save their home. On April 24th, the people of Malaysia launched a joint task force, in hopes that it would crack down on the growing problem of people and other countries shipping plastic waste imports. Ever since the act was launched, authorities have carried out ten different operations.

Many other places have also been shutting down plastic waste imports, a China, had shut down all plastic waste imports, so they would no longer be a dump for the entire world’s trash. This had caused a ripple effect throughout the entire world. Many people had nowhere to ship their trash anymore and need to find somewhere to throw all of their trash before their country would   with trash. Middlemen sought out new places to be able to throw out their countries trash, and one of those places had happened to be Malaysia.

People have been shipping way too much plastic trash to the country of Malaysia, a recent Greenpeace report had stated that the plastic waste importing from the U.S to Malaysia had much more than doubled by 2018, then it had been in the previous year, 2017.  This has proven to be a big problem, as this means the pollution rate at malaysia would be increasing at an explicitly high rate. This, as mentioned before, could be an incredibly big danger to Malaysia, and might not have been to dangerous, if the plastic waste importing hadn’t increased, by almost dubble, within the past year, because even though, plastic pollution seems to be only affecting Malaysia (and it mostly is) plastic waste pollution is truly affecting the entire world.