British Prime Minister Theresa May Resigning

Theresa May

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Theresa May

On May 24, Theresa May walked out of her residence of Downing St. to announce her resignation of the office of British Prime Minister. Members if Parlament were speculating the resignation of the Prime Minister. Theresa May will finally resign after multiple failed attempts of delivering her promise on Brexit. Her expected resignation as leader of the Conservative Party will be on June 7th. She also stated that she will stay in office until a new successor for her role of Prime Minister is found.

Brexit is a very controversial topic, and when Britain decided to leave the EU, the world watched in shock. The decision led to David Cameron, the Prime Minister at that time, to announce his resignation. Theresa May won as his successor and she promised to carry out a plan to the MP’s that will help the UK leave the EU smoothly and not affect the economy too much. She required support from Parliament and was struggling to get it. The deal was rejected 3 times by Parliament, and her efforts were failing. The different parties were very divided, and it was hard to find a compromise that each would benefit from. After continued fighting to try and get it past which failed, MP’s were debating the question of when the Prime Minister will resign.  

Large pressure was put on her to resign. MP’s argued and tried to convince fellow members that the Prime Minister needs to go. Her bill was shaped in a way to attract support from the labor party, but she was a conservative. Cabinet members that she chose called this out and a senior minister of her’s, Andrea Leadsom, quit the cabinet which added onto the pressure for her resignation.

Brexit is a huge task, which is why David Cameron resigned. Experts had their doubts on if Theresa May will be able to overcome it. Unfortunately, she did not overcome it and that is what led to her resignation. She spoke about how it was an honor to serve the UK as the 2nd female Prime Minister, and how she tried her hardest. Many new forecomers are announcing they are running, and an election will take place soon.

While many people speculated on how good her effort was, it will not stop her resignation. There are lots of mixed feelings and the MP’s hope the successor to take her place will do better.