Man with Trump Mask Vandalizes Vehicle In Mission Viejo

There has been many weird things surrounding our president, but this just might be the weirdest

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There has been many weird things surrounding our president, but this just might be the weirdest


Donald Trump is often in the news, for good or bad.  Now, it’s not him, but a man committing several acts of vandalism posing as Donald Trump.  His motives are unclear, and not much information is known about the man.  As of now, he is in the Orange County Jail. What could the man’s motives be, and why did he choose to be Donald Trump?

On Memorial Day at 4 a.m, authorities were patrolling a business park on the border of Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills.  “They had to do a double take” after seeing a man “resembling President Trump slashing tires and breaking the windshield of a parked vehicle,” said the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD).  The vehicle, a delivery van, belonged to one of the companies in the area. Strangely, the man arrested was a former worker at the business. Police officials identified the man as 56-year-old Rory Zimmerman.  He vandalized at least two vans.

In addition to a Donald Trump mask, Zimmerman was armed.  He had a loaded handgun, body armor, an airsoft shotgun, and a helmet.  His car had fake license plates, which got him in trouble with the law in March and late 2018.  One of the weirdest things in his car was white and amber takedown lights on his windshield, similar to the ones used by police.  Although legal, the takedown lights could have been used by Rory to imitate a police car.

Zimmerman is currently in the Orange County Jail with a bail of 100,000 dollars.  He is booked for felony vandalism.

Many business owners in the area were very surprised by the vandalism.  Brian Jump, who runs a dent repair business, says he has left cars outside in the past but won’t now.  Jump says the crime was, “shocking [because Mission Viejo is] a high-end area and you don’t see that kind of thing around at all.”  Hossein Elgohary and Colleen Dye, owners of a Jiujitsu martial arts school for kids, say the vandalism is, “really threatening to our students and their parents.”  They, like many others, are confused about Zimmerman’s motives, particularly his Donald Trump mask. Why he chose to commit the crime on a holiday weekend is another mystery.

Hopefully, authorities can piece together all the strange things Rory Zimmerman has done, and how they relate to each other.  Until then, the Trump masked man remains a mystery.