How does pollution affect the world?


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A beach covered in litter

Air pollution is something the world has big problems about. It affects many lifestyles of the world because it has put living things in danger, like animals and humans. Even plants are affected. There are different types of pollution, like water and air pollution. Both have made a big impact on the world’s environment in a bad way. Animals have been disappearing and have been decreasing in large numbers due to pollution. For example, inhaling polluted air puts a person on a higher risk for asthma and other respiratory diseases. The polluted air isn’t healthy for the human body and can cause a person’s lungs to degenerate. Animals who drink from lakes and rivers in the wild are becoming sick and are dying because of the dirty water that they put into their bodies. The fish who swim in the ocean are dying because of the oil, plastic, and waste that humans put into the oceans.

Pollution can be caused for lots of different reason. Water pollution is caused from toxic substances that are put into or enter the water. Also, waste like water bottles, plastic wrappers, straws, and much more can cause water pollution. Air pollution is caused from unwanted chemicals, gasses, and particles that enter the air. Humans mostly put the bad chemicals into the air when in factories, vehicles, spray can fumes, and many more. These unwanted things in the world’s environment can have a big effect on the living things on Earth.

Polluted water  can affect lots of things in a number of ways. Water is vital to human and animal survival. Rivers and lakes are being polluted with chemicals that kill living things in and out of the water. In some places like, Africa has polluted water. The contaminated water in Africa can cause disease like Cholera, Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. If people keep contaminating water, disease can spread all around to other places more and more.

Air pollution also affects many things on different kinds of ways. Since air is something very important to the whole world, polluted air is very dangerous to have. Contaminated air increases floods and droughts. Droughts have been around in California for many years. It has affected lots of lifestyles in the environment of the world.  If air pollution keeps going on, lost of water is wasted instead of being used for more useful uses.

Pollution is a big problem in the world, but if people take care of the Earth the wild and environment would be a better place. People need to think about what they throw into the ocean and what they produce into the air. Hopefully, people realize that they are destroying lifestyles all around Earth.