Top Most Used iPhone Apps

Everyone has apps on their phone, but which are the most popular?

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Everyone has apps on their phone, but which are the most popular?

Apple iPhones have many apps that users can enjoy and download on their device. Some of these apps have become majorly popular by many people who have spent a crazy amount of hours on their devices. Some of these apps include YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook.

The most popular app is no surprise, this app is YouTube. People can watch many different kinds of videos, create videos, and people can even make money from it. Many people create videos about education, comedy, entertainment, ideas for many different things, tutorials, and many other topics that interest people. Many people go onto the YouTube app during their free time to watch videos and can subscribe to the creators that interest them with their videos.

The second most popular app is Snapchat. Snapchat is a social media app that users can send messages, take pictures using filters, or post on their “stories” to show their friends what they are doing. When sending messages, they disappear after it is clicked out of unless it is saved. These messages are called “snaps”. There is also a trend called streaks. Streaks are where people send pictures to each other everyday. Many people create streaks with each other and try to get a high amount of days in a row. This popular app, Snapchat, is an enjoyable app for people of all ages to enjoy and share photos with their friends.

Another most used app is Instagram. This app is an app where people of all ages create accounts and profiles for themselves, their pets, or other topics. People with the app can gain followers and follow other people, post photos on their feed, post stories, and direct message other accounts. They also have “stories” just like Snapchat. After 24 hours, whatever they post there disappears. They also have some filters and a “boomerang” feature that makes the video go back and forth like it’s a boomerang. Instagram has many things to do on the app and is another popular social media app that many people enjoy.

The next most popular app on the iPhone is Messenger. This app is made by Facebook and is used for direct messaging. Although it is connected with Facebook, users do not have to have a Facebook account to use it. In this messaging app, people can send texts, pictures, videos, emojis, GIFS, and stickers. In the app, they even offer delivered receipts, read receipts, and a timestamp when the message was sent. They also allow users to delete messages or archive them. Other features include voice calling, video calling, playing games, sending locations, using Uber and Lyft, and giving money to each other. Facebook Messenger is a messaging app that allows people to message their friends and use many different features.

The fifth most used app is Facebook. This app is similar to Instagram and is made by the same person. It is another social media app that has many features. Some of these include posting, commenting, messaging, ordering food, and following friends. This is an entertaining app that many people spend a lot of time browsing through their feed. This app is another popular social media app that many people use to keep up with their friends and what they are doing in their everyday life.

All of these apps are used by many people across the world and can be used for entertainment. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook are all the most used apps of 2019. Millions of people use these apps everyday and spend many hours on them. These apps are the top 5 most used apps in the world.