Celebrity Spotlight on Vsauce

Youtube Star. Vsauce, with his well-known logo.

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Youtube Star. Vsauce, with his well-known logo.

“Hey Vsauce, Michael here.” This intro has been a staple in the Youtube community. Youtube education channel, Vsauce, was founded by Michael Stevens in 2010. Vsauce started as a gaming channel with many contributors, including Stevens, but it began to become an educational channel with the influence of Beakman’s World by Paul Zaloom. Vsauce’s educational content began to attract many more viewers than any of the gaming videos that were done on the channel, so science and physics became the central focus on the channel. Soon after the drastic change of the channel, many participants left the channel, but Stevens still found a way to make Vsauce a noteworthy channel.

Michael Stevens was born on January 23, 1986, in a family of four, with a sister and his parents. In his childhood, Stevens lived in Kansas City, Missouri, and later moved to Stillwell, Kansas, in 1991, where he graduated at Blue Valley High School and the University of Chicago. Stevens became interested in video editing and comedy, so he decided to start a non-professional Youtube channel, soon after, in 2007.

Stevens became familiar with the ways of Youtube, so he decided to create his genuine, professional channel with the help of his comrades. This channel was named Vsauce by the use of Fake Name Generator, a website which gives fake information about a mock person. His comrades also decided to take a place on his channel, but they later all agreed that the channel should be divided into three. The original channel still covers the extremely scientific philosophy of human cognitive recognition, but the other two cover topics were the topics that occurred in the early stages of Vsauce. Managed by Kevin Lieber, Vsauce 2 covers the details of mathematical games and probability, using mathematical algorithms and strategies. Vsauce 3 uses a combination of video games, movies, and math to identify and theorize specific topics of dangerous situations in these games and movies. Vsauce 3 is managed by Jake Roper and uses fictional universes to figure out paradoxes and science behind video games.

Stevens gained popularity through his hypothetical questions, such as “What color is the mirror?” and “How much does a video weigh?” He debuted in multiple Ted Talk videos, addressing these questions. His videos also introduced many topics many never thought of before. Through Twitter and other social media, Stevens is able to answer many of his viewers’ questions.

Stevens’ current Youtube Red series, Mind Field, focuses on human behavior and the brain. Stevens goes through many difficult situations to figure out what kind of human psychology is truly influential in human life.

There aren’t too many professional educational channels, but Vsauce made a huge impact in the development of these educational channels. Education is a part of everyone and Vsauce makes people enjoy educational ideas. Vsauce is a great channel that provides many of its ideas to young minds for all to enjoy.