Son Heung Min Wins All of Tottenham’s Season Awards

Son Heung Min has undoubtedly been one of the biggest success stories in the football (soccer) world this season. Son or “Sonny” has become a Tottenham Hotspurs fan favorite and has become Tottenham’s greatest scoring threat. Thanks to his efforts, the Spurs have reached the Champions League Finals, which gives the team the chance to win the highly coveted Champions League Cup.

Playing for the Tottenham Spurs, Son is a 26-year-old forward from South Korea in his fourth year at Tottenham. Captain for the South Korean national team, he is considered as one of Korea’s biggest heroes. Son turned professional in 2010, where he played for the German team, Bundesliga until he signed with the Tottenham Spurs in 2015. Since then, he has become the top Asian scorer in Premier League history, passing the legendary Manchester United midfielder, Park Ji-Sung and has become the first Asian player to win the Premier League’s Player of the Month. He recently signed an extension with the Spurs and will continue to be a valuable asset to the club until 2023.

Son was always a steady and dependable player, but he was able to start showcasing his full talent when his fellow star teammate, Harry Kane got injured. Kane’s injury was a big blow to the team as well as to fans because Kane was the team’s leading scorer. However, their despair quickly turned to hope as Son began to step up. Scoring 20 goals and having 10 assists this season alone, Son has become an integral part of Tottenham’s success, leading them through the Champions League.

Tottenham’s appreciation for Son was shown in full at the ceremony of Tottenham’s Season Awards. Son received all the awards at the ceremony, which include Player of the Season, Goal of the Season, and the Spurs’ Player of the Season. The Goal of the Season was awarded to Son for his marvelous solo run and finish against Chelsea and he was awarded the Player of the Season award for his fantastic performance this season. Son stayed humble and thanked the coaching staff, his teammates and the fans for the honors he received.

There is one more game left for Son and Tottenham and that is the Champions League Finals against Liverpool. Taking place on June 1, Tottenham will try and win the biggest trophy in the history of their club. No matter what happens, it is certain that Son will make a big impact on the outcome of the game.