Stanley Cup Playoffs 2019

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is a huge and exciting event in the NHL that usually starts around the beginning of April. It is currently in the Finals. Rounds 1 and 2 have already been completed with surprising results. The results from the Conference Finals determined who is in the Finals right now.


First, how do the Stanley Cup Playoffs work? To understand what is going on in these games so it isn’t confusing, here’s how it works. In an NHL season,  teams from parts of Canada and the USA play against other teams. As they win games, they get points added to their overall season score. The top 16 teams by the end of the season go to the playoffs, 8 teams from each conference. The teams from the same conference will play each other. The rest of the playoffs is like a tournament. There will be a max of 7 games per round. The first team to get 4 wins moves on and the team that didn’t is eliminated. There are a total of 4 rounds, the Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals being the third and fourth rounds. The winners of each conference face each other in the finals. The winner of the finals wins the Stanley Cup.


So far, this year’s playoffs have been very interesting and surprising. Many teams have had unexpected wins and losses. Most of the best teams of the season were eliminated in the first round. In the first round, the matches were Calgary vs. Colorado, San Jose vs. Las Vegas, Nashville vs. Dallas, Winnipeg vs. St. Louis, Tampa Bay vs. Columbus, Boston vs. Toronto, Washington vs. Carolina, and New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh. Tampa Bay Lightning was the best team this season and they got eliminated without any wins, which is shocking about the this year’s playoffs. For the second round, the games were Colorado vs. San Jose, Dallas vs. St. Louis, Columbus vs. Boston, and Carolina vs. New York Islanders. The third round, the Conference Finals, San Jose is playing against St. Louis for the Western Conference and Boston is playing against Carolina for the Eastern Conference. The fourth round, better known as the Stanley Cup Finals, has recently started. The Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues are playing it out to win the Stanley Cup.


The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs is still in progress and is nearing its end as it is currently in the Conference Finals. Again, the unexpected standings show that some of the best teams in the NHL this season have gotten eliminated in the first round. As a result, this year’s playoffs are interesting to know about, especially to hockey fans. Also, as a quote that makes sense, “There’s nothing like playoff hockey.”