Kawhi Leonard’s “Helluva Shot” Allows Raptors to Advance

The NBA world is going crazy after seeing the “helluva shot” made by Toronto Raptors forward, Kawhi Leonard. He made NBA history being the NBA’s first ever buzzer beater in a game seven. His unbelievable shot allowed the Raptors to advance against the Philadelphia 76ers for the first time since 2016. Sports critics are already calling Leonard’s shot “the shot,” even though the title has belonged to basketball icon Michael Jordan for the past three decades. However, Raptors fans are confident that the beholder of the title just might change after what happened in game seven.


Why is everyone going crazy over this “shot”? The reason for this is because, with the last seconds of the seesaw-like game seven, Leonard made a fadeaway jump shot which almost didn’t even go in! The ball bounced on the rim four times before finally going in the net, shocking everyone, including Kawhi Leonard himself. Leonard humbly said to the press, “That’s something I never experienced before — Game 7, winning the shot. It’s a blessing to get to that point and make that shot and feel that moment, and it’s something I can look back on in my career.”


Toronto Raptors fans are exhilarated over their team going to the Eastern Conference Finals. This year they might have a chance to go to the Finals because the Cleveland Cavaliers are not in the playoffs. In the conference finals, the Toronto Raptors will be facing the Milwaukee Bucks. The Raptors are first in the Atlantic Divison, having a total of 103.6 points, while the Milwaukee Bucks are first in the Central Divison with over 118.1 points. Going against the Bucks will definitely be a fun match to watch as both team’s playoffs have been challenging.


If the ball was short, and the Raptors lost in overtime to the 76ers, would Toronto ever see Leonard in a Raptors jersey again? Ultimately, Leonard could’ve opted out of his contract and became a free agent. Incredulously, the ball was, in fact, short, but managed to go in the net. All game, Leonard’s shots were short bouncing on and off the rim. Fans, players, coaches, and even officials stopped as the ball slowly went in. Kawhi Leonard himself, dropped into a deep crouch looking like he was praying. Well…his prayers were answered as shortly after he was mobbed by his teammates as they told him they won!