Burger King’s Meat-Free Impossible Whopper

Burger King is releasing a 100% meat free burger that tastes exactly like the original.

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Burger King is releasing a 100% meat free burger that tastes exactly like the original.

To some, when they hear the word burger they only think of a bun with a beef patty but there are many different versions. One example is the veggie burger that is entirely plant-based. To some, the idea of a veggie burger is disgusting but now veggie burgers are getting much better. There is currently a company called Impossible Foods and they do impressive things with food. Impossible Foods make plant-based foods that are eerily similar to meat. These foods bleed like raw meat when cooked, smells like meat, feels like meat, and even to die-hard meat fans, tastes exactly like meat. The burger is made of soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and “heme.” Heme is a molecule that contains iron and it is in all living beings. It is found inside of blood cells and it is the thing that transports oxygen throughout the body. Heme is actually what gives meat its taste. Impossible Foods was the very first to discover this and they incorporated it into its “Impossible Burger”

The very first store that has used this impossible burger is Burger King with the “Impossible Whopper.” In April, the Impossible Whopper made its debut in St. Louis, Missouri and it was an astounding success. It was first tested at 59 different Burger Kings and now Burger King is spreading it out to many different cities. Burger King has announced that the Impossible Whopper is planned to be released to around 7,300 stores by the end of this year. The point of the Impossible Whopper is to attract the people who don’t usually eat there and to encourage people to eat a Whopper if they don’t feel like eating meat. According to an article, the Impossible Whopper isn’t for hardcore vegans as these burgers are cooked the exact same way as normal whoppers which may be displeasing. The original Impossible Whopper went through some changes as at first, the burgers would just break when cooked so Burger King rejected it but a year and a half later, the burger broke expectations and newer recipes are still being created.

The Impossible Whopper is worth getting if the consumer is ever craving for a burger without meat. It is very similar to the original whopper and it is much healthier also. Although it isn’t really for dedicated vegans, it is worth a try and they may just like it. Impossible Foods have revolutionized a simple veggie burger and who knows what could come next.