Places to Visit in Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

When thinking about Paris, the first thing that may come to mind is food such as baguettes and escargot, but Paris is a city that is much more than just that. Paris is a city that is renowned for being a center for art, fashion, and culture as well as being a city with great historical landmarks. However, Paris can be very confusing to navigate for tourists, who are trying to experience all of Paris in a limited amount of time. Though Paris has lots to offer, there are some places and monuments that one must visit when in Paris.

The iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral is a must when in Paris. Built in the 10th century by the Goths, the Notre-Dame Cathedral took two-hundred years to build and is now considered as one of the best Gothic cathedrals in the world. Spectacularly decorated and also having great architecture, the cathedral is truly a magnificent masterpiece. The Notre-Cathedral is free for everyone and visitors can go to the the top of the cathedral for free, but there is a time limit. This is because of the huge number of visitors the Cathedral gets every single day. Unfortunately, due to a recent fire, part of the Cathedral burned down, resulting in the Cathedral being closed to the public until construction and repairs are finished. No specific times were given, but the president of France, Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild the cathedral in five years.

Another must go place in Paris is the Louvre Museum. One of the most renowned and well known museums in the world, the Louvre has many varieties of art from different time periods. The Louvre also has one of the most famous piece of art in the world in “Mona Lisa”. This painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the biggest stars in the museum and it is always surrounded by crowds. The cost for a ticket at the Louvre Museum for adults are $18, and children under the age of 17 can go in for free. It is recommended for tourists to make a plan when visiting the museum, so that they can see all the exhibits that they want to see as well as experience all the museum has to offer.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, the Eiffel Tower is among the top places to go to in Paris. Constructed in 1889, the tower is now regarded mostly for its grandeur. Visitors can go to the top of the tower, where they can experience all of Paris from a bird’s-eye view. Prices vary on what floors or ways one chooses to get to the top. There are also many crowds of people, so reserving tickets on the Eiffel Tower website is recommended for those who want to skip the wait. Along with amazing views from the top, the Eiffel Tower offers other amazing views from the bottom. At night, the flickering bulbs on the Eiffel Tower make it seem as if the tower was sparkling causing many to stare in awe.

All in all, Paris is truly a city that is rich in history and magnificent tourist attractions. It is truly a city that one must go to in their lifetime.