3 Upcoming 2020 Movies

Movies in the past decade have impressed viewers resulting in the process of filmmaking to become an important element in the film industry. With more people choosing the occupation of an actor or actress and technology advancing, movies will continue to attract viewers in 2020. A few of the most popular movies that are going to be released in 2020 include Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Death on the Nile, and Onward.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Film Series has been a highly successful movie franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). If writers continue to create good movies with well-written storylines, Guardians of the Galaxy could have a volume 4 (fourth movie) and possibly a volume 5 (fifth movie). Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is set to take place after Avengers: Endgame, including some of the Avengers and the main GG squad. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 also has Gamora despite her “death” in Infinity War. As for the plot of the movie, the Guardians are trying to locate Gamora who went missing during the last battle against Thanos, in Endgame. New Characters like Vance Astro, Adam Warlock, and Ayesha will be introduced in this sequel. Hopefully, the movie turns out well and continues on to create a 4th and possibly a 5th part!

Death on the Nile started as a book written by Agatha Christie. It was then turned into a drama/murder mystery film that was released in 1978 and is going to be released in its final form in 2020. The most famous actor in the movie cast is Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in… well, Wonder Woman. Screenwriter of Death on the Nile is Michael Green, along with the director and main actor who is Kenneth Branagh. The plot of the story involves a pleasant, luxurious cruise over the Nile River until someone on the boat is suddenly murdered. Like most of Agatha Christie’s stories, the plot revolves around figuring out who murdered the first victim. This eventually leads to more deaths throughout the story until the evidence finally points to the murderer. There was an initial leaked release date of the film saying it was to be released in December of 2019, but it was postponed because of unknown reasons. The movie may not be as popular as Guardians of the Galaxy, but it will most likely be equally if not more interesting.

Onward is a Disney movie that seems like it has lots of potential with its amazing characters, animation, and storyline. Onward is a fantasy story that takes place in a residential area where two elf brothers who venture through the “unknown world” to find what’s left of magic. The 5 main members of the cast are Dan Scanlon, the director, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, the two elf brothers, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (unknown role), and Octavia Spencer (unknown role). Most people predict that onward is going to be one of the most original and unique Disney movies to ever be released, so hopefully, people don’t miss out on its release which is on March 6th.

Despite these movies catering to different audiences, they will all be enjoyed come 2020.