Macarons Vs. Macaroons

At times the English language can be very strange like words that are spelled the same but they sound different and have different definitions. Macarons and macaroons are like these words but they are homophones which means they sound the same but are spelled and defined differently. The macaron is the more well-known of the two and it is a small and round cake that is made of meringue, almond flour, and buttercream. A macaroon is a biscuit or cookie that is usually made of coconut and sugar and they are occasionally dipped in chocolate. People usually confuse these two foods and they usually don’t even know what a macaroon is.

The macaron was first created in the Middle Ages and it was popularized by France. These cookies were first strangely named “priest’s bellybuttons” but luckily it got changed to the name people know today. The cookies were brought to France by the queen, Catherine de’ Medici. Around 1792, there were two Carmelite nuns in Nancy who baked and sold macarons to help them and others to survive the French Revolution. After the nuns were honored for helping the city through tough times, the macaron started to spread around France. The current design of macarons come from the French capital and was mainly spread to the rest of the world through the company named Ladurée. The recipe has been reinvented many times throughout history with even savory recipes coming into play.

Although the location of where the macaroon hasn’t been pinpointed yet, it is generally said that it originated in Venice and was spread to France by sailors. Almond paste was originally the main ingredient in a macaroon but was later changed to coconut in the 19th century as almond macaroons were too fragile to ship. People have been making many chocolate variations to the macaroons like chocolate chip, dip, and flavor. These cookies occasionally have food coloring in them to fit the theme that these cookies are made for. These cookies are usually made gluten-free so people who are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease can enjoy this dessert.

Although these two desserts have the same origin places and were created around the same time, these desserts have some obvious differences. These cookies look very different as one looks like a messy bundle and the other is a neat dessert sandwich. These also are made of different things with one being made of meringue and buttercream and the other being coconut and a chocolate coating. These are both very delicious desserts that many can enjoy.