Is it Wrong to Use Animals in Zoos and Circuses?

For centuries, people have been abusing the rights of animals in zoos and circuses. Performers have been keeping innocent animals in captivity and forcing them to do stuff for entertainment. Zoos and Circuses are not benefiting the society in any way but is failing to provide animals with the respect they deserve.

Keeping animals held captive is like a person in jail. They can’t leave and are forced to do whatever their “owner” tells them to. Animals are having a less pleasant life in zoos and circuses, then they would have in the wild. In circuses and zoos, they might live longer, however they are not able to experience anything other than torture and pain. At least in the wild, animals are able to what they are naturally supposed to do, without getting a beating for every mistake they make.

Keeping animals for performance purposes is also threatening the wellbeing of their species. Larger animals, like elephants, are put in tight quarters, where they are surrounded by people and other animals. They are constrained to complete the tricks out of fear. Tigers are having to jump through flaming rings and horses are having to carry numerous people on their backs. Elephants are also being made to balance on pedestals without falling or else they get whipped, shocked with electric prods, or beaten with bullhooks. Hurting the animals doesn’t accomplish anything, but make them fearful and scared. Because of the consequences, animals do perform and put on a show for the audience, meanwhile, they are hurt and scarred inside.

When going to a circus, kids get excited to see the animals and fun of it. But, in reality, it is torture and pain for the animals. Circuses travel all around the country, were lions, tigers, elephants, and domesticated animals are stuck in trailers for days at a time, without food, water, or basic vet care. They are chained up in dirty cages,   they eat, drink, go to the bathroom, and sleep. However, once they get to the venue, they are still locked up in parking lots and basements.

In zoos, it is not that different. Animals are locked up all day in filthy, small areas, where they don’t have any freedom. Larger, dangerous animals are treated even more poorly because caretakers are scared of them.

Circuses and zoos are also dangering the public. Since the animals are treated poorly, they are beginning to rebel and hurt the public. In 2014, three of the Moolah Shrine Circus show elephants escaped from there handlers on a child ride. The elephants were loose for 45 minutes and damaged cars, hurt pedestrians, and ruined buildings. Animals should not be put in zoos and circuses because it is not treating them with the respect they deserve. They are in poor conditions and only performed because they scared of the punishments.