Should Dance Be Considered a Sport?

Many athletes have debated whether dance should be considered a sport or not. Dance should be considered a sport just like other extra-curricular activities such as basketball or soccer. It has the same characteristics as official sports. Some of these include a needed amount of practice, stamina, thinking, and physical exercise.

The first reason why dance should be considered a sport is that it takes a lot of practice and time. Before dancers perform, or even just practice, they have to stretch in order to do tricks that require flexibility. Just like sports players, performers don’t want to pull their muscles or get hurt while doing their activity. Dancing also requires a bunch of strength. Strength is key in dancing because dancers need to learn to hold their bodies up in the correct posture and technique. This takes a lot of effort and strength. Most sports players need strength during their sport being another reason why dance should be considered a sport. Every class, before they start dancing, they do exercises to strengthen their bodies like push-ups, crunches, and plies, a ballet term for bending the knees and then straightening them.

Dancers also need the have a lot of stamina. Athletes need the stamina to run around the court or field during their games. Dancers also need a high amount of stamina to dance about 2-4 minutes straight jumping, kicking, using their technique, and just moving around on stage. Although they aren’t running the whole time, the moves in the dances usually take up a lot of energy. While performing on stage, there is a lot to think about including, remembering the dance, using facial expressions, pointing their feet, having sharp movement, using strong arms, and most importantly, to be entertaining.

Just like athletes, dancers have uniforms too. In fact, they have multiple uniforms. During practice, they must follow a specific dress code. For example, during the ballet, everyone is expected to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and their hair pulled back into a bun. For performances, they must wear the costume given to them, the correct shoes, and the correct hairstyle.

Dancers also compete. Sports teams compete in tournaments against other teams and so do dancers. They compete in dance competitions. Dance competitions are where dancers compete using their dances against other dance studios. They can win trophies, metals gain points, and improve in their dancing. They also have the opportunity to win scholarships to other dance conventions or even win money. When competing, they memorize dances, positions, names of moves, and others.

Many people believe should be called a sport for these reasons. Dancers put in a lot of time, dedication, perseverance, and thinking into their activity. A lot of stamina is needed to be a dancer and a commitment. This is why dance should be considered a sport.