Apple’s future advancements that could Invade the Privacy of many People!

The Apple Logo

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The Apple Logo

Everybody knows about one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple. This company as many know of is a company that makes phones, laptops, computers, and tablets that are all very expensive. Founded in 1967 by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple quickly became one of the most well known tech companies in the world.

Apple said that they removed several of the parental apps from the apple app store. They did this because they wanted to prevent many risks for the users privacy and security. These removed apps were abusing a kind of technology that was intended for the company-owned phones they had. The company-owned phones were under a management that was called “Mobile Device Management”. This can give an app developer access to information including “user location, browsing history, and what photos and videos” that were taken with the camera. This statement is clearly not good for the users privacy.

Apple had said in this statement that “it is going to be risky and a clear violation of the App store policies. These are just saying that Apple isn’t following its own rules which is a really bad sign if they want to continue as a good inspirational company for the world. They want to make a “private, consumer-focused app business.” This business installation would help Apple’s Mobile Device Management have more control over the customer’s device. Many people after hearing this were saying that it is a very stupid idea because what if that customer needs ot for personal things that he doesn’t want anyone knowing of. It is just a very big way of invading people’s privacy and to think that one of the biggest tech companies in the world is behind such a horrible idea like this is just absurd.

In 2018 Apple did release a software update that included something called screen time. Screen Time was a way that people could keep track of what apps they have been using a lot and how long they are constantly on their phones. It is mainly for people to be more motivated to get off their phones and be doing other fun things like spending time with their family or friends or just go outside. There are just many ways to get off of your phone and do other really fun things.  

In conclusion, what Apple is trying to do as in like control people’s phones and create apps and softwares that do the same are just really bad ideas considering that many people’s privacy will be invaded by a whole lot of things that they aren’t even aware of. When people download an app they shouldn’t be afraid if it is going to invade their privacy it would just keep many apps not downloaded in other apps that aren’t invading privacy. So considering these facts Apple’s plans are not good for people’s personal phones that are made by Apple.