About WGI: Color Guard Championships

WGI (Winter Guard International) Sport of the Arts is a world premier organization including color guard, percussion, and wind instruments. Schools ranging from middle to high schools from all over the world perform at WGI to achieve bronze, silver, and gold medals. WGI has raised over half a million dollars in scholarships to further assist the educational growth of its participants.

WGI was founded on May 15, 1977, by Marie Czapinski. She served as Chief Judge in the early years of the organization. WGI provides a venue for young people to achieve the extraordinary through performance and competition. Past winners include Leander high school with a score of 99.40, Klein Oak High School with a score of 94.64, and Bellevue high school with a score of 98.71. These schools’ scores are the highest that a team can earn.

In WGI, the events are normally very exciting to watch and go to. In every world competition for three days, there are at least 350 guard teams, 250 percussion ensembles, and 40 wind groups. All these teams work very hard to achieve medals to represent their school and show that the team is undefeated in competition.

Colorguard, percussion, and wind instruments have many divisions to classify how good or bad the team is. The divisions are A class, Open class, and World class. These divisions determine who they will go against in competition. Sometimes these divisions can go up to a higher level, but this means a team will have to go against a more competitive  team.

Teams from all over the world travel to compete in WGI such as Africa, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Thailand, and the United States. Africa, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand and the United States. To get into WGI, a team has to audition. Depending on what the judges think and say, a team can be able to be included in competition. Even though sometimes the  shows aren’t perfect, a judge can tell the coach to fix certain parts. If a coach fixes it and makes the show a little better, they will have a chance of making it into WGI.

WGI is a stressful season that color guard, percussion, and winds have to go through and think about. Teams practice all the time to be able to compete with different teams, be undefeated, and represent their school.Twitter