Should Teachers Be Armed?

The threats of school shootings and school massacres have been very present in the new century. More and more violence within schools has increased the concern in many parents, teachers, and students. The question of when and where is a present question, but a more frequently asked question is, how can we prevent these tragic events from happening? One solution talked about by many is arming school administrators and teachers with firearms or non-lethal weapons such as tasers, pepper spray, and more.

The idea of offering concealed carry permits and weapon training to teachers became popular in 2012 after the mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and the 2018 mass shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The main reason that people want to arm teachers with weapons is that the supporters believe that with teachers armed, the teachers can deal with the threat before the shooter can cause any harm. Some opposers believe that with the teachers armed, it will cause more worry in students, and the weapon may be used as a form of intimidation against students, however, the students who believe that having a weapon on a teacher or administrator is a threat must realize that the weapon is only present as a last resort against violence at school, and the that the use of the weapon for intimidation should become an added rule to whichever schools adopt the teacher-concealed-carry policy.

Another reason why the teacher-concealed-carry policy should be adopted by schools is that if the shooter, or whoever decides to conduct a violent act within schools, knows that the school’s teachers and administrators are equipped with weapons, then they will be less likely to act against the school. In Kennesaw, Georgia, the crime rate dropped by nearly 80% after they passed a law that requires one person in a household to own a firearm. The crime rate only decreased because of the fear of guns in a household. This goes to show that the fear of a weapon being present against someone looking to cause harm, will be enough to deter them from making the crime or violence in the first place. Claude High School in Claude, Texas has already adopted the policy and informs others with a large sign in the front informing people that the school is armed.

All of this info may seem to be enough evidence to win over Americans however, that is not the case. Most Americans, including teachers, principals, and school employee disagree with the idea. Second-grade teacher Abbey Clements was holed down with her students at Sandy Hook Elementary School as America’s deadliest school shooting was taking place. “We’re not trained sharpshooters, we’re not trained first responders,” Clements said. “We are caregivers. … I’m sure every educator out there would say that we want school safety, but arming teachers is not the answer.”  An online Gallup survey released the information that nearly 75% of teachers oppose the idea of being trained to carry guns.

The topic of whether or not schools should be armed is still a very popular topic. After the mass school shootings of Sandy Hook, and Parkland, many believe that arming more citizens and more educators would be a wise act, however, many more educators and citizens still strongly oppose the idea, which still offers the question, how will we combat this issue of violence in our schools?