Shazam! Movie Review (Spoilers!!!)



A scene from the film Shazam! in which Billy/Shazam is seen with his foster brother Freddy at a liquor store.

On Friday, April 5th, 2019, the DC Comics movie Shazam! was released. The movie stars Zachary Levi as Shazam, Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Jack Dylan Grazier as Freddie, and Mark Strong as Doctor Sivana. Shazam! is the perfect family movie as it revolves around the world of Billy Batson and his family.


In present-day Philadelphia, troubled and mischievous foster teen Billy Batson is in and out of the foster system. His main goal is to find his estranged mom. However, Billy is caught and put into a foster home with the Vasqueze family. He doesn’t want to be with them at first, but befriends and becomes close to his brother, Freddy. All the children are at school one day when bullies make fun of Freddie, who is disabled and has crutches. The bullies hit Freddy with their car and make rude comments about his “fake family”. Billy hearing what they said, whacks them with one and runs to the subway to escape. It is here were a wizard chooses Billy to be his champion. The only person Billy knows that is infatuated with superheroes is Freddy. Billy, now Shazam, seeks Freddy’s trust to help him control his new superpowers. While everything is going good, Shazam soon finds out that he has an evil enemy. In 1974, Thaddeus Sivana, who is now known as Dr. Sivana, was rejected by the wizard and wants his revenge. Instead of going to the good side with the wizard, Dr. Sivana has sided with The Seven Deadly Sins. The next day at school, Freddie is picked on by the same bullies who hit him with their car.  Freddie uses his knowledge and brother by saying he knows the “Red Cyclone”, also known as Shazam. Freddie tells his bullies that the “Red Cyclone” will go to their school and meet them. Billy gets into an argument with Freddie overusing him just because he is Shazam. Later that night the family is at dinner talking about the new superhero when Freddie and Billy get into an argument again, but this time it leaves the family confused. Billy returns to his foster home and is questioned by his siblings about his notebook. His notebook had all the addresses of his mom that he had looked at. His foster brother Eugene tells him that his mother only lives two subway stops away. With this, Billy leaves his home and searches for his mother. His foster parents, chase after him. Dr. Sivana approaches the house and traps the children inside. Billy reaches his mother’s apartment and realizes that she didn’t want him. This saddens Billy but also makes him realize that his true family is are the Vasquezes. He now learns to balance the struggle of wanting to help people but also remember that he is a teenage boy that has a family who cares about him.

Overall, the movie Shazam! was amazing. It is rated PG-13 for its action scenes and minor curse words. Shazam! had the right amount of comedy as it showed an adult superhero with the mentality of a teenager, and many heartfelt moments as the movie showed the reality of how children in the foster system feel not belonging to a family.