Mobile Phones Are Not 100% Safe

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There are a lot of concerns regarding safety with cell phones. Are they really safe to a point where there are no risks? This is a question among scientists that hasn’t been answered yet. No, mobile phones are not 100% safe because of tumors and Radio Frequency-Electromagnetic Radiation (FR-EMR).

First, tumors are believed to be linked with extensive cell phone use by scientists. Tumors are the abnormal growth of cells that serve no purpose. They are often progressive and uncontrollable, some of them are cancerous. There are studies on people who use cell phones extensively for 10 years and over. The conclusion was that there is a pattern of increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma, which are two types of rare tumors. Long after the studies were concluded, another study showed that long-term cell phone use cannot predict gliomas, but is associated with acoustic neuromas. Gliomas have an increased chance of developing in people who heavily use their phone. People should be able to limit their cell phone time to prevent any risks regarding tumors caused by mobile devices.

Second, cell phones release a kind of radiation called Radio Frequency-Electromagnetic Radiation, FR-EMR for short. FR-EMR is the transfer of energy through radio waves. It is non-ionising radiation, so it can’t break a chemical bond. This can be caused by mobile devices, radios, satellites, and wireless networks. What are the health risks? An organization called the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded a study that FR-EMR is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Also, it isn’t determined if cell phones are safe or dangerous. Animals are also affected by radiation. German scientists have conducted research and identified that FR-EMR is connected to tumor growth in mice. For rats, high levels of the radiation cause brain cancer and heart tumors known as schwannomas. People may not know what they’re doing when they use their phone, but they won’t realize that they are releasing radiation that affects themselves and animals.

Mobile devices are a provider of risks. It won’t happen all the time but the chances of a risk happening grow higher with every second of cell phone use. Although others may believe mobile devices are safe, I firmly believe that these devices are not 100% safe because of studies linking tumors to cell phone use and the creation of Radio Frequency-Electromagnetic Radiation.