Teacher Spotlight Mr. Aronson



Mr. Aronson

Mr. Aronson is one of Kraemer’s social science teachers who couldn’t wish for a better job. He previously taught a 6th grade class and specialized in social science but when a social studies teacher position opened up at Kraemer, he immediately left his job to choose the career that he would enjoy the most. Mr. Aronson has plenty of family members that he gets along with well like his parents and his sister. When he moved away from his family it was difficult at first but it opened up a new section of his life with his beautiful wife Samantha and his adorable son Andre. Aronson has lived in the Placentia/Yorba Linda area his entire life making it his hometown. With his family in a great location and his job nearby, he clearly has no intentions of leaving Orange County any time soon.

Mr. Aronson is mostly Mexican-American, and he has a small percentage of Native American and Northern European in him. An interesting fact about him is that his last name actually originates from Sweden. Aronson has stayed in Placentia for almost his entire life however he has traveled around the U.S to visit Texas, Colorado, as well as a few other states. He also visited Mexico once and he would love to go back whenever he gets the chance. Along with that, he would also love to get the chance to visit Italy, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the East Coast of the U.S.

For elementary school Mr. Aronson was enrolled in Van Buren and then spent his middle school and highschool days at Kraemer and Valencia. Interestingly, Aronson was enrolled in three different colleges which were Santiago Canyon College, CSU Fullerton, and Chapman University. To no surprise, Mr. Aronson majored in History and this explains why he is such an amazing social studies teacher who honestly has the potential to be an exceptional Historian. He enjoyed college more than high school because he was more organized and there was more freedom in terms of activities and classes that could be selected. Aronson’s favorite year of his life so far was his senior year of high school because of the music classes, the social science classes, and the VHS band which traveled a lot for performances.

Mr. Aronson met his wife at Cal State University where he spent a lot of his college years and their relationship blossomed into what it is today, a loving wife and husband with a child that’s close to being two years old. Aronson’s favorite part about his teaching career is that he gets to work with a variety of students that he gets to know really well. Teaching is his passion but he would probably be satisfied with any job that involved socializing. Mr. Aronson loves to watch sports, and movies but most surprisingly, one of his favorite hobbies is barbecuing. Other than these activities, Mr. Aronson tries his best to spend as much time as he can out of work spending time with his family. His favorite book is the Great Gatsby, his favorite movie is Dodgeball, and his favorite TV show is Criminal Minds which lots of people can relate to. Aronson’s favorite holiday is Christmas, a shared favorite, because of the fact that he loves winter time and hanging out with his family on the two week break. If Mr. Aronson could change one thing in the world, he would take away stubbornness so that people would act more logical.

All thanks goes to Mr. Aronson for allowing the interview despite the amount of work he has had recently and if you ever see him around the halls or in the classroom, don’t forget to say hi and thank him for being a wonderful history teacher!