Places to Visit in Canada


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The Farimont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver

Canada is a wonderful country that is a part of North America. This country beautiful scenery and great big cities people want to see. Canada also has many fun attractions. There are also many natural beauties just across from hotels and many houses that are in the areas towards the edge.

Canada has many endangered and wonderful animals. One of the animals is the Kermode bear, which many call the spirit bear, this bear is a really rare subspecies. This is like the American black bear that is white. It is known to be located in the coastal area of British Columbia. This bear is really kind when encountered with humans. The spirit bear is friendly and will not harm humans when encountered. Their kindness has gotten many people to get close up pictures, and even touch the bear.  Another amazing animal that people like to see is the Beluga whale. This whale is an endangered species that is held in captivity and many people are able to pet them because of their kindness towards human contact. They are really easy to catch because of that. This problem has led them to the endangered list. These gentle creatures are amazing to see. Their location is usually in the Arctic sea area and is seen at the Mystic Aquarium. There are many animals to see but these are the most common to see.

Many people that go to Canada mostly go to the Vancouver area. This particular location is famous because it is a big city that is close to the woods where people go camping. The most common place people go to see in Vancouver is Stanley Park. Stanley Park has a 4.8 rating on Yelp. This park is located at the borders of British Columbia. The park is almost surrounded by water, but one part is connected to the border of British Columbia. Another popular place to visit is the Calpino Suspension Bridge. This bridge is 400 meters long and 70 meters above the shallow river underneath. The bridge is tied to metal poles with really thick ropes that is supported with big tight knots. This location is also popular because of the towers that are in trees are connected with many other bridges. These two locations are just two of the most famous places to visit in Vancouver.

There are many different hotels can rent, but hotels are the choice that many people make for nice comfortable beds for a nice trip with the family. A good hotel located in Vancouver is called the Fairmont Pacific Rim. This hotel has a rating of 4.6 Another hotel is the Four Seasons resort. This hotel is really fancy and looks like a castle from the outside and inside. This hotel is a great place to stay because of the humongous pool for hundreds of families. In the winter they even warm up the pool to around 86 degrees. The Four Seasons Resort has amazing restaurants, and they have chefs that cook in front of in the restaurant in the hotel.  As of many people, this hotel has great service and the workers there are really kind to their guests. These are just two of the highest rated hotels in Canada according to the reviews that were all positive were good for vacation.