Should Puerto Rico become a state?


Puerto Ricos Location

Puerto Rico was a territory inherited by the United States near the end of the Spanish-American war. Puerto Rico has had a long feud of whether it should become America’s 51st state or not. It has been a controversial debate and argument for a while and has recently pushed to harder limits to become a state, and it has people wondering should the territory Puerto Rico become a state?

      Puerto Rico is not stable in many different ways. About 47% of Puerto Rican citizens live below the poverty line. That is almost half of the entire population. The United State’s poverty rate would increase if Puerto Rico becomes a state.  Another reason is Puerto Rico’s crime rate. The United States already has a large crime rate, one of the largest in the world. It estimated that Puerto Rico’s crime rate is about 46% more than America’s        

      The Puerto Rican government back in 1973 started to spend more money then it was collecting. This decision led to a big issue. It led to one of Puerto Rico’s biggest problems, it’s debt. The Puerto Rican debt is about $74 billion dollars. The United States would also inherit this debt. The current debt of the United States is around $21 trillion dollars. Puerto Rico’s debt will be added to the United State’s debt if it becomes a state. The United States has been trying to fight off this debt, and if more money is added to the pile it would be bad for the rest of the Union. The debt in the United States is also a big problem like the debt in Puerto Rico, so it would lead to results that’ll make the debt harder to get rid of.

Another reason is that its citizens don’t even want to become apart of the US. About only 23% of the nation participated in the vote for becoming America’s 51st state. The vote fails to represent the majority of Puerto Rican citizens. Lots of Puerto Ricans also want to remain independent and do not want to lose their Puerto Rican identity. The government wants to continue to push to statehood so they will get benefited, while the citizens do not. If Puerto Rico becomes a state there could be resistance towards the United States.

All in all, Puerto Rico may be pushing harder to become a state but it would greatly disbenefit the rest of the United States. It is best allowing Puerto Rico to stay as a territory for the reasons of its instability, debt, and citizens wish.