The Sun Vanished

The Sun Vanished is a Twitter account that posts narratives that viewers can interact with

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The Sun Vanished is a Twitter account that posts narratives that viewers can interact with

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With the capability of the net increasing, people are finding new ways to adapt it to create stunning displays of creativity. People turn message boards into openings for world-class mysteries. Writers turn fanfiction sites into platforms for some of the world’s longest pieces of fiction. Even social media is being used for more than just socializing. The Sun Vanished, a terrifying but exciting narrative, is using the social media platform Twitter to create one of the internet’s most fascinating accounts of the “What-ifs” to date.

The Sun Vanished joined Twitter in April 2018. Their first message was a simple word. “Help.” They continue to tell the readers that it’s late in the morning and still dark outside.The weather radar is clear, however, they can hear the tornado sirens from the next county over. Then they ask a strange question- where’s the sun?  They share a video of a news report, saying that the sun still hasn’t come out yet, though the news said it should be back to normal. The protagonist goes outside and notes that the Sun and the stars are completely absent. He keeps seeing flashing lights following them and other people. The TV signal is completely gone and they keep hearing sounds of… things flying by. They soon make contact with one of their friends via text.

Later, he tweets, “Now we have another problem”. They take a picture of someone standing outside their door and say “This guy has been standing completely still with his back towards me. I have no idea how long he has been standing there.” They tell their friend and he urgently tells them to get away from the window, turn the lights off, not to talk to them or let them in. And if they see any flashing lights, hide. He hears them knocking and hides. Later, someone tells him via text “I don’t know much but I do know that you should never look into the red light EVER. If you do you’ll become like the guy at your door.”

He finds inside his neighbor’s house a log documenting a series of experiments involving flashlights and creatures outside. However, the neighbor finally gives in and looks at the red lights, ending with the words scrawled on hauntingly, “The sun is back.” The protagonist realizes that all of the brainwashed people are repeating this.

So what is going on here? TSV (The Sun Vanished) is what most people would call an “ARG”, standing for Alternate Reality Game. (Because as far as most people know, what’s going on in TSV, is definitely not real.) ARGs are exactly what they sound like- puzzles or narratives that take place in a different, or alternate reality. What if the Earth was twice as big as it was now? What if there were two moons instead of one? In TSV’s case, it’s the fact that the sun just disappears one day and… something is invading Earth. ARGs often have an interactive feature to them, and TSV sometimes uses Twitter’s poll feature to ask readers what he should do (IE Go outside or don’t, hide or fight, etc).

The Sun Vanished has been going on strong for nearly a year, so it would be impossible to summarize everything that has gone on. Anyone who is a fan of horror stories and a lover of the “What ifs” should definitely check the Twitter account out. Be warned that the story is not for the faint-hearted, as well as having some occasional strong language.