Honey and Lavender

Boba from Honey and Lavender

via Anya Desai

Boba from Honey and Lavender

Located in Yorba Linda, California, is a recently opened boba shop called Honey & Lavender. This mini shop is located in a small shopping center in a small corner next to other stores. They sell a variety of items, not just boba, to make their customers happy with what they order. The boba store is aesthetic containing  plain white tables, small cactus plants on each table, lavender walls, a hanging chair, and a sign in gold letters saying “Honey & Lavender”.

At the Honey and Lavender boba shop, there are a variety of drinks that they have on the menu, some regular and others are unique. Just like most boba places, Honey & Lavender has a lot of different flavored milk teas, regular teas, and fruit teas. The unique drinks of this boba store are that they have specialties, layered slushes, icy milk, and a monthly special. Some of their H&L, Honey and Lavender, specialties are H&L milk tea and H&L tea. These two drinks both are their Honey & Lavender specialties with a unique flavor. Honey and Lavender’s layered slushes are a mixture of two different flavors like Milk Tea and Thai Tea Slush, Mango and Strawberry Slush, or a Lychee and Green Apple Slush. If customers don’t like two flavors layered, they can also purchase just one flavor. There is another drink called icy milk with two different flavors of caramel and brown sugar or caramel and chocolate. Every month, Honey and Lavender has a monthly special drink. For the month of March, the monthly special is Strawberry Cloud. This drink is basically strawberry milk with cotton candy on the outside.

Honey & Lavender isn’t just a boba shop. They also sell cakes, tarts, and soft serve ice cream. The cakes that they sell can be customized for parties and other events. The cake flavors that they sell are lemon earl grey, chocolate lavender, carrot cake, strawberry, chocolate, or lemon yuzu. When ordering a cake, there are two different sizes of cake to buy which are box cakes and piece cakes. The fruit tarts that they sell at Honey and Lavender are also sold in different sizes like whole tarts or just one piece of a tart. Soft serve is another thing that they sell at the store. Two flavors of this ice cream are part of the specialties which are Honey and Lavender soft serve and Honey and Rose soft serve. They also serve vanilla, rose, lavender, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, and plain yogurt. Customers can also order their soft serve in a regular sized cup, a large sized cup, a waffle cone, or a to-go pint. For the boba drinks, there are a variety of toppings that could be added and drink adjustments that can be done. Some of the toppings for the drinks include honey boba, egg pudding, crystal boba, lychee jelly, chia seeds, aloe, cheese foam, and tiramisu foam. Every topping added is an additional 50 cents to the price. The drink adjustments for customers can be to adjust the sweetness level to no sugar, 25% sugar, 50% sugar, 75% sugar, or full sugar. The amount of ice can also be changed. For the soft serve, there are also toppings that could be added on top of the ice cream. These toppings include cherries, honey boba, sprinkles, mochi, cotton candy crumbs, marshmallows (both toasted or untoasted), chocolates, fancy sprinkles, fresh strawberries, Oreo crumbs, red bean, caramel, or chocolate syrup. There are also a couple of special toppings which are honeycomb or cotton candy.

At Honey & Lavender, there are many drinks to buy and other food items too. They have a variety of add-ons and adjustments that can be made as well as cute decorations inside the store for a perfect place to take pictures while eating the food there.