Captain Marvel Post Credit Scenes Explained

The cover of a Captain Marvel comic book by Jim Starlin.

Intergalactic Robot

The cover of a Captain Marvel comic book by Jim Starlin.

As many people know, the latest and possibly the greatest Marvel movie of now has been released. This movie is Captain Marvel. It is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first movie with a female hero in the leading role. Even though Captain Marvel only came out this year, the movie itself and the main character have made an impact on other movies, since there were also many post-credits relating to her in other movies/scenes. However, these post-credit scenes have confused fans and made them wonder what exactly they mean.


The first post credit scene, is “Carol Danvers, allow me to introduce you to…”. It takes place after the latest Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. In this scene, Nick Fury’s pager was blinking the symbol of Captain Marvel that was still on the screen. Then it all of a sudden went black. Later after that scene, Captain America and Black Widow were looking at holographic pictures of the heroes that died after Thanos’ snap. “What this means is that many people believe that Captain Marvel was indeed on the other side of the pager”. This was just an assumption as of many fans from the end of Avengers Infinity War.  As of now, it appeared that Carol survived the snap. In one of the other scenes in the movie, Captain Marvel gives Nick Fury an upgraded version of the pager. “She gave it to him telling him to use it if he ever needed her help again”.


The final and second post credit is “cute and slightly disgusting”. This was the scene with a tight front shot of “Nick Fury’s desk from 1995”, with N. Fury on the front. His office appears to be completely vacated. The camera slowly zooms in, and Goose the cat enters the frame. In this movie, Goose is revealed to actually be an alien. This alien can devour things with huge tentacles that come out of his mouth. During the movie, Goose ended up swallowing the Tesseract whole to keep it away from “Star Force”.  Star Force is from the Kree’s Seal team 6. Captain Marvel was also on this team.


In conclusion, these were just two of the post-credit scenes featuring Captain Marvel that have lead up to her having her very own movie. It is not sure if whether or not is shown is actually true, but fans including Cub Reporter’s Amrit R. can’t wait to see what happens next!.