Places to Visit in Germany

The city of Lubek inn Germany

via Wikkimedia Commons

The city of Lubek inn Germany

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Germany, located on the continent of Europe, is truly a beautiful place to visit. Many people don’t realize that Germany has a lot to offer for tourists.

For visitors who want a nice fantasy village type feel, they should check out Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This little town celebrates Christmas, unlike any other place, in the world. All year the Christmas stores are open, and during Christmas-time the stores are brightly lit up, with snow coating the roofs of each shop.

Another place that is very fun to visit is the Romantic Rhine. Whether or not the focus of visitation is romance, it’s quite beautiful, with medieval castles, boat rides, and many more, people of all ages will enjoy the scenery.

If tourists are looking for a relaxing vacation, a wonderful place to visit is the Tropical Islands, which has an indoor water park located in an abandoned hangar. It’s known for its clean water, hot air balloon rides, and it’s beautiful hotel rooms. If someone wanted to visit the city, Tropical Islands is only one hour away from Berlin.

For the adventurous type, rock climbing would be very interesting. One of the most popular indoor rock climbing centers in Germany is called Cafe Kraft. At Cafe Kraft, people can test their strength and endurance, all while having fun. Many professional climbers have been there, such as Margo Hayes, and Kai Lightner.

Along with all of these fun destinations to visit, here are some interesting places to stay.

Lubeck is one of the many historical towns founded before the 13th century which is fun and beautiful at the same time. What many people don’t know is that Lubeck was the first town to be bombed during WW2, causing it to lose some of its landmarks. Even though Lubeck isn’t the same, it’s still amazing to walk the same streets and go into cathedrals, just as people 900 years ago did.


Germany is a very alluring country, which historic cathedrals, schools, and government buildings, along with modern attractions, such as shopping malls and water-parks. For any traveler, whether they’re from the hot climate of Hawaii and are looking for a nice chilly vacation. Or they’re from New York and looking for a hot sunny vacation. People of all ages, from anywhere, will love Germany.