Native American Legends

A bison being hunted by a Native American as depicted by artist George Catlin


A bison being hunted by a Native American as depicted by artist George Catlin

The Native American tribes were here before most people in America and Canada, there is no doubt about that, but what did they see or hear about that prompted them to learn and pass tales of creatures and other legends down from generation to generation. The Americas are still relatively new to us, as most Americans have only been here for a couple of hundred years as compared to Native peoples who have been here for thousands. Most and if not all Native American tribes have legends and some have their own version of The Boogeyman. From the Navajo tribes to Algonquian, and from Skinwalkers to Wendigo, here are some Native American legends…

Most people who experience a paranormal event or encounter with one of these native demons will tend to post their story on 4chan, Reddit, and other social media sites. The reason they post their story on social media is that (mostly 4chan) they can be anonymous and eventually the story is deleted to clear space for others in the subreddit or chat room or the person wants to seek advice or clarification on what they say or saw.

Ever gone out into the woods? If one has felt watched or stalked at all or if they had Ever heard a twig snap in the distance or a high pitched screech followed by deep bellows and groans? Well, it seems like they’re not alone, as it seems many people have told and shared similar sightings and stories on 4chan, Reddit, and other social media because they believe they saw or heard something close to a Wendigo. A wendigo is a tall, pale, eyeless monster with razor-sharp teeth that have been depicted as walking on all fours, inverted legs, and antlers. The Wendigo is assumed to lurk the northeastern parts of the US and Canada as said by tribal leaders. In Algonquian myth, a Wendigo is either in the form of a spirit that turns people into wendigos or as a beast that’s already been transformed. Wendigo are cannibals in a way that they eat people, they have a never satisfied thirst for human meat and will consume it at all cost. One interesting fact is that Wendigo Psychosis is the name given to a mental disorder that makes people crave human flesh and was a reason to plead not guilty in the 19th century for eating fellow man.

No one knows exactly where these Native monsters come from, some say they were always here, others say they’re demons from hell, and some, say they’re out of this world.

The Second Native American beast is similar to a wendigo in appearance just without antlers… It has bright amber eyes and can shapeshift into animals and even humans. It kills people but no one really knows what it does with the body… It has a foul odor, reeking of rotten meat and a high metallic smell. The “Demon” terrorized the Navajo people so much ( It’s a Navajo monster) that the Navajo leaders refuse to talk or mention it to non-Navajo or anyone they don’t trust. It’s called, a SkinWalker-SkinWalker’s are said to lurk in desert areas in the South West of the United States, predominantly in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah, and California territories. Legend also says if one had happened to see a coyote, fox, or rabbit or any animal without a tail it could be a SkinWalker in disguise. It’s also said if you happen to see one and it sees you it’ll hunt you and have a taste for your blood.

In conclusion, Scary movies and television are scary but what really pumps the blood of people and makes the hair on the back of their heads stand tall is when the Scary stories are right outside the window in the night. Whether it’s the scariest of skinwalkers to the native deer women Native American legends are always a bit strange and spooky but what’s worse is no one person has any idea completely what’s out there.