Tesla’s Model Y

via Tesla

On March 15, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, unveiled the Tesla Model Y, which is expected to start production in late 2020.  With new factories, new features, and even autopilot, Tesla is growing bigger than anyone would have expected it to. How good is this new crossover car, and what does it include?

Starting at $39,000, Tesla’s new Model Y has 66 cubic feet of storage, a 300-mile range, and an all wheel drive dual motor.  Features vary depending on what add-ons the buyer wants, including a longer range, faster performance, or affordability. Besides the basic $39,000 package, there’s also a long-range vehicle for $48,000, a dual motor all-wheel drive for 52 grand, and the best performance car for $61,000 dollars.  The performance car can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 150 mph. Compared to the basic model, the performance is 30 miles faster and 2.4 seconds faster with 0 to 60. There are various estimates on the Model Y’s range, but it’s around 250 to 320 miles (depending on the model).  All models have a very low center of gravity.

All of Tesla’s Model Y cars come with a quality sound system and a 15-inch touchscreen.  The touchscreen has no knobs or buttons for a futuristic look. The screen gives off an IOS vibe for navigation, music, and an animated projection of cars around it.  All models also include a glass roof from the top of the windshield to the trunk. Ordering the three priciest versions of the Model Y will result in shipping by fall 2020, but the standard model won’t reach customers until spring 2021.  The second-row seats fold down independently, with an optional third row coming out in 2021. The trunk is very low, making loading and unloading very easy.

Drivers can pay five thousand dollars to enable Level 2 autonomous driving.  With 8 cameras around the car, this includes features such as lane changing, steering, speed changing, and more.  However, the car doesn’t allow the user to stop focusing on the road- every 20 seconds, it will tell the user to put their hand back on the wheel.  

The price has already been shifted up by a grand for the three most expensive models.  It generated considerable protest from many but as Elon Musk pointed out, almost all car companies change their prices.  However, one of Elon’s goals for Tesla was to maintain a constant price for their cars. Tesla should live up to this standard, and not dismiss price changes by saying that other car companies also change their prices.  But, it just looks like this is a partial retraction of a price drop that Tesla made a couple of months back. All in all, Tesla’s Model Y looks like it will be a great new addition to Tesla’s enterprise.