SpaceX Dragon Capsule

SpaceX Dragon Module

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SpaceX Dragon Module

The SpaceX Dragon capsule, or the Dragon was designed from the beginning of its creation to be holding humans, but it carries cargo instead. The SpaceX Dragon was one of the first space capsules to land on the international space station automatically, or by it self. The SpaceX dragon launched on March 2, 2019 at 2:49 A.M. The Dragon successfully docked the space station up scheduled st 6:02 A.M. on March 3, 2019. The dragon is a free-flying space ship designed to carry both cargo and humans. The Dragon is the only space ship that is still currently flying that is able of returning significant amounts of cargo/supplies back to earth.

The SpaceX Dragon is capable of carrying around seven passengers. The passengers will also be able to be carried to and from earth’s orbit and beyond.  The pressurized section of the ship is capable of carrying both humans, and environmentally sensitive cargo. In the nose of the capsule there are Draco thrusters that allow the ship to move forward and give the ship orbital manovermnent. The trunk of the Dragon can also support the aircraft during ascent, as well as carrying pressurized cargo. The trunk will remain attached to Dragon until shortly before reentry into earth’s atmosphere. The Dragon has a diameter of about 13 feet, and a height of about 26.7 feet.  The capsule has a volume of about 328ft³ and a trunk volume of about 1300ft³. The Dragon has a launch payload mass of around 13,228lb and a return payload mass of about 6,614lb.

The Dragon also has its own variation of space suit. Designed in-house by SpaceX, each custom tailored suit provides a pressurized environment for all the crew members that are aboard the Dragon, in atypical situations such as cabin depressurization. The suit will also route communications and cooling systems for the astronauts aboard during the regular flight. There are also some extra features added to the suit, some of these are that the suit has a #d printed suit helmet, Touchscreen compatible gloves, a fire resistant outer layer, hearing protection during ascent and reentry, a single connection point between their suit and vehicle, heel slides securing feet and footrest.


Although the Dragon has swapped it’s propose a few times and has done many incredible things, the Dragon can and probably will still be used many more times for many more, and different types of missions.