Apple ll: What’s New?

Iphone II

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Iphone II

The media has not been kind to the technology company Apple, labeling their Iphone designs as simply boring and unoriginal. However, with the recent rumors and leaked images of the Iphone 11, those opinions might just change. This intentional leak shows something different. Alongside a new and never seen before appearance, the Iphone 11 also offers some appealing new pieces of tech.

It seems as though iPhone users are constantly dragging their chargers with them everywhere since there is no inexpensive portable charger. A new alternative that although is somewhat expensive, may be able to help. This new device is called AirPower, a wireless charger that is set at a price of $149. It is able to charge any type of iPhone, as well as Airpods and Apple Watches. If users don’t want to spend almost $200 on a wireless charger, there is another way to charge phones called “Wireless PowerShares”. This feature comes with the new Samsung 10, one of the many new updates on the phone. The new feature enables phones to wirelessly charge with compatible phones when placed on the back.

Alongside many other features, the appearance of the phone is much different than any other iphone. In leaked images, there are two different designs of the same phone. One of them shows three cameras in the central glass back of the phone that will not contain a home button, similar to the Iphone X. A second image shows another three cameras but in the upper left corner with a glass back as well. The new cameras are rumored to be better than any other phone and iphone from before.

Apple and Samsung have been competing together for a long time for who makes better phones. While Samsung has been in the lead for a while since Iphones aren’t waterproof, the Iphone 11 will change that. The phone is set to have a new “waterproof” feature that will allow the phone to recognize gestures and even taps while submerged in water. Many people are skeptical about this but hope that it will allow iphone users to finally be able to use their phones in the rain without having to worry about water touching the phone.

While it is not confirmed whether or not the waterproof, new appearance, or new charging technique of the rumored Iphone 11 are true, many users and tech critics sure hope it is. The phone is supposed to be set on being released in September of this year, so tell family and friends to mark their calendars.