Retail Apocalypse


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What is the retail apocalypse? Starting in 2008, the online store market became so large that people started ordering clothes, gifts, household items, and now even food. In many ways, it is really good and easy for the consumers, but have negative effects on various retail productions. Ever since the new era of online shopping, the retail apocalypse has begun. More and more stores are closing down due to most of the sales being online.

Online shopping is beneficial and just has a simpler process overall which is why many people are losing their jobs. This not only closes stores but when too many go out of business- malls that they are in simply shut down because they don’t get enough money to run the whole building. Not only are they closing down, but tremendous amount of sales are also taking place, sloppy displays of the clothing, and dirty places overall. Countless malls have already gone out of business because of main stores closing down. These are where the malls get their most money and what attracts consumers the most. Malls all around the country are closing down and if action isn’t taken then most local malls will go out of sale.

Stores like Sears and Claire’s are going out of business, they claim it is because of the lesser amount of time and people spend at the mall. Soon after all of large stores close down, the pressure is on the smaller stores to help pay the rent for the mall every month. If the store is already losing money because of the lack of business and the high monthly payments. Stores are sure to close down. After a domino effect happens almost all stores get closed down and the mall with it as well. Now after it has happened so much there are countless barren malls. Then the new question arose: what would happen to the malls?

Malls are now turning into clinics, city halls, indoor farms, libraries, DMVs, and shockingly even apartments! These apartments are perfect for a college student, or even just a single person. At the Arcade Providence which was an old mall that was renovated into a little town completed with apartment buildings and shops. The Providence not only has several 250 square foot apartment complexes, but also includes a few restaurants, a salon, bookstore, and a few retail stores.

The retail apocalypse is closing down too many stores and making them abandon several locations. This leads to malls closing- but also new and innovative ideas from it too.