The Software that Generates Signing

Sound waves

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Sound waves

As generations passed, technology has been improving the ways of life for people around the globe, as well as popular culture. Today in entertainment, video games, music, and motion picture films are shaped by modern machines. Music has developed more and more throughout the ages, from pipe organs to drum machines. But what about lyrics? Currently, there is an existing piece of software that can generate singing based on the user’s input. This software is majorly used in Japan and it is extremely popular there. It goes by the name of Vocaloid.

Vocaloid is one of many singing synthesis softwares that was made by a company called Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments and the leader in digital audio. Vocaloid uses a singing-voice synthesizing system called Frequency-Domain Singing Articulation Splicing and Shaping. As of today, Vocaloid has some of the greatest qualities of voice synthesizers in the world and can perform lyrics in English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. In order for it to work, it will receive voice snippets from vocal libraries and adds pitch conversion. Then, it will splice and shape the snippets into lyrics with the pitch of the words being determined by the user’s input.

Originally, any software that could generate singing was very limited. Due to technology in the very early 2000s, it didn’t allow people to make songs due to limitations. It was considered to be impossible to keep singing and synthesized vocals indistinguishable. The release of Vocaloid revolutionized the way voice synthesizing software performed.

Due to the success of Vocaloid, many companies like Zero-G Limited, Best Service, and Crypton Future Media, Inc. use the software for the development of other voice synthesizers. It has also inspired many new projects that took over popular culture, especially in Japan. For some reason, something that was made using Vocaloid became extremely popular in Japan. These projects were called Vocaloids, avatars that used a certain voice from Vocaloid. They can be referred to as virtual pop stars, and they may revolutionize future figures in music, dance, and singing. What makes them special is that content from them can be made by anyone and they are software, so they will live forever, unlike real people.

Vocaloid is special to technology in pop-culture because of its unique ability to freely generate virtual singing. It also revolutionized the way music (with lyrics) can be made and impacted the way pop stars are made. Vocaloid takes a step further in advanced technology for entertainment. Currently, Vocaloid is in its fifth version that goes by the name Vocaloid 5.