The Mueller Report

After the 2016 election, many speculated the election was interfered by Russian government officials. After many thought Russia interfered with the election, former FBI director Robert Mueller was named as special counsel to investigate any interference the Russians would have caused. After a two years, Muller has concluded his investigation, and it’s up to William Barr to make the report public or confidential. Here’s what we know so far about Muller’s findings.

Before the report released, Muller found seven people guilty and had ties with Russian intelligence. Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, admitted to utilizing the Howard Street condo to launder 30 million dollars he produced from performing unlawful lobbying work away at the benefit of pro-Russian political groups in Ukraine. Manafort also gave polling information to Konstantin Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian Intelligence. Several other people have been arrested for paying Russian government workers to reveal dirt about Hillary Clinton. Trump’s son and son-in-law went to a meeting at Trump Tower with Natalia Vesselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who exposed dirt about Clinton. George Papadopoulos found out Russian hackers had stolen emails from the Clinton Foundation and tried to arrange a meeting to receive the emails. Soon, the emails were released on WikiLeaks and Roger Stone, a campaign advisor named Roger Stones reached out to WikiLeaks about the leaked emails.

The chance of the report being released to the public is slim, due to his attorney, Barr, deciding what gets released to the public and what doesn’t. The Justice Department has rules require that Mueller submit a “confidential” report when his work is done. If Barr decides to release the document to the public, he probably will publish a summary of the investigation. This is less than what the public expects. What we already know is that the Russians had no interference in the election. The review will include why he filed the charges he did during the investigation, and why he might have declined to bring charges against anyone else. People who know Mueller have said the chance the public will hear anything from Mueller about the report is slim. Democrats and Republicans would like to view the full report, and if they don’t, they will do whatever to see the full report.

For now, we don’t know much about the Mueller due to the document being unreleased. The only thing we know what’s going to be released is a summary on why he filed the charges he did during the investigation, and why he might have declined to bring charges against anyone else. If the full report gets released, which is unlikely, there may be a handful of dirt revealed about Trump, though won’t be sufficient to impeach him.