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The news is something that is needed to better understand current events. News platforms range across from Vox Media to the New York Times and appeal to most, if not all adults. News platforms also interest young readers, whether it is for entertainment or to catch up with the latest topic. Apple introduces people to its latest news platform, Apple News Plus, which contains over 300 magazines and other news companies like the Wall Street Journal.

Apple plans on having their news at a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 a month. Apple asks all participating news companies to give 50 percent of revenue each company receives on Apple’s page. Also, the publishers of the news media cannot have direct contact with the readers, which can be tragic for certain news companies. In addition, all news participants would have no control over where their news get placed in the app. Apple’s decision of its new media looks very ominous with its current offer.

However, among readers, Apple’s offer seems like a tremendously fortunate once-in-a-lifetime deal. Apple brings forward over 300 magazines and introduces them to the readers. Also, as mentioned previously, media like the Journal would appear continuously throughout a viewer’s search for more items to read. Like other platforms such as Google News, readers can categorize the news into their favorites, so viewers can easily binge-read their favorite media. To readers, Apple’s offer is very fair and provides a lot of opportunities for readers’ entertainment and Apple’s success.

Some might be questioning why a company like the Wall Street Journal would be willing to let Apple use its news when an annual subscription to the Journal costs hundreds of dollars, way more than the $9.99 a month for Apple’s news company. This would mean that these companies would be losing hundreds of dollars of profit if they participate in Apple News Plus, which is just a nonsensical thing to do. Luckily for these companies, Apple reveals that companies like the Journal wouldn’t necessarily be easy to find in Apple’s news. They state how news of companies like the Wall Street Journal would be virtually impossible to find in the midst of the many magazines and minor news companies of Apple News Plus. However, some people still question the Journal’s decision of allowing Apple to use its news for a fraction of the subscription fee. Some believe that the Journal’s decision is brilliant because they still get a share of Apple’s new news and gain profit.

Apple and the Journal’s arrangement doesn’t seem like a bad deal. A Journal follower would never want to have to dig through hundreds if not thousands of articles just to find what they want. The Journal takes a risk of its fortune with the 50 percent tax of Apple and minor complications.

Apple makes a bold decision when it comes to Apple News Plus. On one hand, Apple provides its participators with a truly unfair trade at first glance. On the other hand, Apple provides its viewers with a new taste of the news of the surrounding world. Apple seems to have everything under control, so everyone, both readers and the companies participating, hopes for the best.