Largest Cocaine Bust in 25 years

The US Coast Guard  transporting cocaine  from a cocaine bust

via Coast Guard Compass

The US Coast Guard transporting cocaine from a cocaine bust

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On March 11th, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) discovered crates that claim to hold “dried fruit” from Colombia. Instead, they found 3,200 pounds of Colombian Cocaine. The drugs in total have an estimated value of $77 million dollars worth if sold on the street.  In the port of New York / Newark, DEA and Customs officers found the crate suspicious after noticing the lock was tampered with. They pulled it apart from the other deliveries and examined it. Upon opening it, it was discovered 60 burlap sacks packed to the brim while having wrapped bricks of cocaine, but they were hidden under dried fruit as the crate was claiming.

In reference, the find was even bigger than the French Connection, which refers to the heroin smuggling scheme in 1970. Where the cocaine was heading to is still a mystery, but authorities believe it was going to a market that stretches from Maine to Washington D.C. They also believe that the cocaine wasn’t supposed to be smuggled in the United States, but maybe was supposed to go through the United States to be shipped over to the continent of Europe. The seizure is the second largest in the port’s history and is the biggest seizure in the world since 1994. Authorities are investigating where the drugs came from. They do have a good idea from where they came from, as there are multiple organizations that could be behind this, but they do know that arrests will definitely be made. They believe its a group called the Urabenos, which is the largest group in Colombia that supplies drugs. The authorities are almost certain the group is behind this since the Urabenos are the only group capable of sending such a large amount of drugs. Experts believe the cartel is larger than the Medellin cartel, referring to the infamous cartel run by Pablo Escobar.

All in all, the drug bust was a huge success. Authorities managed to get $77 million dollars worth of drugs off the streets. They will take a small part of the drugs for evidence, and burn the rest of the drugs. With this bust, authorities are working towards taking down huge cartels responsible for shipping drugs into the US, or anywhere else in the world. They hope this bust will contribute to lowering the use of drugs, and crime rates.

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