The 7-STAR Hotel in Dubai

The 7 star hotel


The 7 star hotel

The fantasy movie of Aladdin has come to life and is beautifully portrayed in a magnificent 7-star hotel in Dubai. On December 1999, Burj Al Arab opened and instantly made headlines as the first 7-star hotel in history. Architect Ettore Mocchetti designed each suite completely different and unique from the rest. To stay there for one night, the suites start at $1,700 and can cost to as much as $16,930 per night. Burj Al Arab has consistently been rated the Best Hotel in the world.

However, how did Burj Al Arab qualify to be labeled as the first ever 7-star hotel? Was it the luxuriousness, the location, or maybe even the food? There are multiple qualifications that must be met to be a 7-star hotel. First, the hotel must have more suites than rooms. The role is usually reversed in a 5-star hotel. In Burj Al Arab, there are currently 202 bedroom suites.

Location is key when designating a 7-star hotel. For example, Dubai is a place full of illusions. Everywhere they go, there are magnificent landmarks that are like nothing else in the world. When visiting Dubai, all guests will make awe-inspiring memories with their family and friends. This astonishing location attracts many wealthy tourists to its doors

“When you go to your typical luxury hotel, you pretty much have to live by their rules, as opposed to them living by yours. At a seven-star hotel, it’s the client that makes the rules.”  the Alessandro Rosso Group chairman says. Along with location and security, seven-star hotels must revolve around the guest. To ensure this is followed through, each guest has a designated butler that speaks the same language. These classy butlers must know a certain number of languages before they enroll in a school where they will be trained to meet the standards of Alessandro.

Not only does the staff have to follow their rules, but this also includes a menu. When they call the hotel restaurant, there is no menu and guests can ask for anything they want. If guests have to change their mind due to staff limitations, it is no longer a 7-star hotel. “If a guest is limited in his choices – even the slightest bit – it’s not a seven-star hotel,” says Alessandro Ross.

In the end, this luxurious hotel, located in the marvelous city of Dubai, makes the perfect summer vacation trip. Enjoy the relaxing spa and pool with friends or family. If traveling here, don’t forget to pack an extra suitcase. Some might come home with more than when they came.