Delicious Foods From South Korea

The delicious, traditional Korean cookie, Dasik, which is  normally eaten with tea.

via Wikimedia Commons

The delicious, traditional Korean cookie, Dasik, which is normally eaten with tea.

Many people know South Korea for boy band BTS or technology industry Samsung, but the country’s food is what really makes it stand out. There are over one hundred different kinds of kimchi, a popular dish which shows exactly how much pride Koreans have with their foods, because Koreans have taken the time to develop and create new recipes. Over the years, Korean cuisine has changed due to cultural differences, but it remains as one of the major aspects of the country. Here are ten delicious foods that will surely make people’s mouths water.


One of Korea’s oldest and possibly well-known dishes is kimchi. This spicy and sour dish was made in the seventeenth century. It consists of fermented Korean vegetables, mainly radish and cabbage, cut into strips, then is topped with a spicy red pepper paste, garlic, ginger, sugar, and sometimes fish sauce, salted shrimp, or kelp powder. Kimchi is a popular dish amongst foreigners for its distinctive taste and smell. When traveling to Korea, eating kimchi is a must.


Jjajangmyeon is a peculiar looking dish but very delicious. This dish originally came from China but Koreans took their own spin on it making it even tastier. Jjajangmyeon is made of thick udon noodles, mixed with a black bean paste. People will often will top it with thin cucumber slices, pork, or even chicken slices. Most Koreans have this dish at least once a week and have their favorite jjajangmyeon delivery shop on speed dial.


This red and orange street food has grown a love on the appetites of Koreans. There’s even a part of Seoul, South Korea, just for it! The dish is called Tteokbokki. Tteokbokki is made of small sliced up rice cakes called tteok, fish cakes called Oden and topped with scallions in a sweet and spicy chili paste. Professionals have told others, the spicier the better. Although this dish is very yummy, it will surely require water for its intense levels of spiciness.


Bibimpap is yet another popular dish in South Korea. The dish is basically a lunch-in-a-bowl. It contains a layer of rice at the bottom of a bowl, then is topped a sweet beef called bulgogi, mixed vegetables, an egg, then sometimes is glazed with sesame oil and a dollop of chili paste. It is a delicious way to each lunch especially if one is in a rush to be somewhere.


Besides spicy and sour foods, Koreans also love sweets as well.

Bungeo-ppang is a common dessert loved by Koreans. The sweet dessert is found mainly in Asian countries but people who visit love to eat them. Bungeo-ppang is traditional fish-shaped pastries literally meaning ‘carp bread’ stuffed with a red bean paste. However, Bungeo-ppang is served as a street food sometimes and is either stuffed with pastry, chocolate, etc.


Lastly, another popular dessert in South Korea is Dasik. Dasik is an accompaniment for tea usually being crispy and sweet. They are simply cookies in different shapes, colors, and sizes served with tea or coffee. Typically, commonly found flavors are rice flour, soybean, chestnut, black sesame, and pine pollen.


There are many different scrumptious foods in South Korea. They range from being spicy and sour to sweet and sugary. If someone were to visit South Korea, make sure to tell them to try these delicious treats!