Louvre Museum

The famous Louvre Museum located in Paris, France, at night.


The famous Louvre Museum located in Paris, France, at night.

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The Louvre Museum is popular museum showcasing very famous pieces of art such as the Mona Lisa located in Paris, France. The museum ranks as the most visited museum and the largest museum in the world. It is home to a collection of over 380,000 objects. The museum was originally created as a fortress in the year 1190, rebuilt to serve as a palace in the 1600s, and later part of it was established as a museum in the year 1793. Then, during World War II, the museum was used as a storehouse for stolen arts. It attracts over 15,000 people a day, seventy percent of which are foreign tourists. The Louvre Museum is by far the most popular museum in the world.


The Louvre Museum is 652,300 square feet large; nearly 15 acres. In fact, the museum is so large that it would take hundred days to look at all the various paintings and statues, spending only thirty seconds on each art. The Louvre has over 7,500 paintings, with more that are just not on display. In total, including the paintings and sculptures, the museum owns a collection of 380,000 pieces.


The Louvre is well known for its glass pyramid. Four glass pyramids, one large, three small, are located in the Louvre Courtyard. The pyramid serves as the entrance to the Louvre Museum. Glass and metal is what makes up the pyramid. Three smaller glass pyramids surround the larger glass pyramid. The pyramid consists of diamond and triangle shaped glass panes. A similar inverted pyramid is visible from underground, where a shopping mall is located.


Most art stored at the museum is very popular. One example is the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting is put on display out in the public for all to see. However, to protect the painting from being stolen or being violated, the painting is put in its own climate controlled room with guards protecting the piece of art.


The Louvre museum is overall a very large, popular museum with many famous art located in Paris. The museum has a rich history behind it. First used as a fortress, then a palace, then a museum, then a storehouse, and back again to a museum. The Louvre attracts many tourists from around the world, who come to see the giant glass pyramid or the famous art the Louvre puts on display for all to see.


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