Anaheim Ducks Losing Streak

This season in the National Hockey League (NHL for short), the Anaheim Ducks are suffering big time. In recent games, they have frequently been losing and making streaks from the losses. They recently broke their team record of most losses in a row. This has impacted the Ducks, allowing many conflicts to arise from within the team. Some of the events may have even affected the streak.

Around the beginning of the 2018-2019 season, the Ducks were off to a good start. That soon changed when they started losing many games that followed the December 17th game. The Ducks haven’t won a single game until January 18th. Between the times, twelve games had passed, and they lost all of them, which set the franchise record to twelve games in a row without a win

While the Ducks were still losing, conflicts arose from within the team. As the team was adding up to their losing streak, they fired their coach Randy Carlyle. He coached the Ducks when they won the Stanley Cup back in 2007. He remained their coach until the 2011-2012 season, where he got fired after slow progress in the early games of that season. That same season, he was hired as a coach by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Later, in 2015, he stopped working as a coach for Toronto. Then, he was hired back by the ducks. His coaching career for Anaheim continued until this season when their losing streak was at seven. As a result, the Ducks fired him again. Since then, the rate of winning for the Ducks has dropped to 19%, which is the lowest percentage of victory in the entire league. Some think that Carlyle’s firing contributed to the losing streak. Also, many players have been traded with other teams, including fan favorite players. So far, eight players have been traded from the Ducks. There are a few players who are rumored to be traded l2cka 

So far, this NHL season isn’t going well for the Anaheim Ducks. They have the lowest rate of winning in the league and the most significant losing streak in franchise history. How will they recover from this huge loss? Can they make it back to the playoffs this season? These questions will soon be answered based on the team’s performance up until April.