Popular tourist spots in Vietnam

Vietnam is a narrow country in Southeast Asia with a population of almost 100 million. It is South of China and East of Cambodia and has a shore that stretches across the border of the South China Sea. Vietnam is in the top ten when it comes to the most popular tourist countries in Asia. This is because of its temples, its pristine beaches, and it’s beautiful mountainous scenery. While much of the country is absolutely jaw-dropping, only a few places can earn a spot in the most toured locations in Vietnam.

One of the most beautiful spots in Vietnam that would make a good first impression on tourists is Dalat, a city which was once used by colonials and even emperors during nature retreats. Dalat isn’t too crowded or too bare and has high-quality restaurants and antique shops that line the streets. The countryside portion of Dalat is mostly a mountainous region with incredible views of plains of green, luscious grass, and hills that look like swells of water.

My Son is one of the most visited locations in not only Vietnam but in all of Southeast Asia. My Son is a temple and archaeological site that was used mainly for religious ceremonies for the Hindu people. This was one of the many temples that were used to worship the god Shiva. This area was visited by tourists because of its significance and its beauty. It was, like most places in Vietnam, located on a bright green hillside. It had the appearance of a jungle but was actually a forest with lots of massive trees that were tightly compacted. The temple was not very large and the stone used to create these buildings was carved very carefully but has eroded with time and has developed plant growth in the cracks of the structure.

Ho Chi Minh City is the New York and Tokyo of Vietnam. It is a very popular tourist spot and while it may not appeal to those who are more fond of nature, it is still a wonder. It is filled with skyscrapers and the streets are lined with people eager to find a quaint shop or eat at a mouthwatering restaurant. Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam and was previously the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war. At night the buildings light up to form a brilliant sight and bars open up left and right waiting for the tourists who are eager to party.

The Mekong Delta is a massive river with clumps of canoes acting as marketplaces and trading stations. The entire place is basically a floating city with sugar cane groves, rice paddies, fruit orchards, and other plains filled with crops. The best analogy would probably be food trucks but on canoes in the water. It’s quite a sight and is probably one of the most interesting and unique areas in Vietnam.

One of the most popular locations in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. The bay is filled with crystal clear turquoise water on which magnificent cruises drift on. There are also forestry islands that have been carved perfectly with erosion so that they form miniature gulfs. The entire place is absolutely beautiful and is viewed as a wonderland for many.

All of these locations have different aspects and may pertain to different groups of people depending on their interests, but when all is said and done, anybody in their right mind would love to visit any one of these locations.