Sports Mascots Being Offensive

Mascots from different teams

Mascots from different teams

Various team names and mascots have discriminative and racist backgrounds- these need to be changed and made right. Some of the team or mascot names are derived from certain cultures and are offensive to many. This needs to be stopped and changed. Some people are very passionate about their teams, as they should be, but isn’t it better for a fan to feel passion for their team if they stand for something good rather than something that might hurt other cultures? No, of course not, it is simply unjust and wrong.

The NBA has many examples of team mascots being originated from certain cultures. For example, the Boston team’s mascot is the Celtics because of Boston was originally the main area of Celtic settlement. This isn’t racist or discriminatory because it only refers to a group. Though teams have names or mascots that relate to something in cultures that are offensive and wrong. Many mascots and sports names are racist towards races that are of the minority. Some names, such as one of Wisconsin’s teams, has the name of Rebel Black Bears targets Native American tribes. Or possibly the South Waukesha- Blackshirts which originates from the times of the Holocaust. This was a time from history that should not be joked about in any way or that should be relieved.

Though there are many mascots that are offensive to some cultures, in fact, Native Americans experience the most discrimination. Their movement started in early 2014 and has been going on ever since but sadly hasn’t made much progress. The NCAI program is the National Congress of American Indians. They are just one of the organizations that are standing up for their kind and are trying to stop discrimination. These names of teams are really unjust and need to be changed. Mascots are supposed to represent a team and send a message for what they stand for. Minorities- such as native Americans- are being attacked and discriminated.

There are a few athletes who do believe in this and are protesting against it. A competitive swimmer, Anthony Ervin, and Lacrosse superstars- the Thomas Brothers, along with several others have protested and are trying to change the way things are overall. This powerful movement can change the lives of many- where they won’t feel embarrassed or discriminated against. This is why sport team mascots need to be changed if they have any racist roots for these reasons.